The Man

The man stood from the couch, staring at Mora with heavy eyes and a hint of curiosity. Mora Ana backed away, feeling frightened until she could feel the cold hardness of the wall behind her. She was trapped. Terrified, she let out a gasping "who are you" She started to remember tell of a kidnapper on the loose so she felt worse.

"Oh Realax!" the man said, sounding playfully annoyed instead of ready to hurt her. "you're fine! But soon you won't be; I've only come here to warn you of something. You have to leave here!" He said with a sort of sinceretity that frightened Mora Ana even more but in a different way.
"From what?" She was confused
"Take yourself and your sister and leave! Now!"
"Why?" She really felt like she was in danger, but she also felt she needed to know what was going on like she needed her heart."How do you know all these things?"

The man sighed as if she aked him to jump of a cliff. "when your sister was kiddnapped, all those years ago, they kiddnapped me too. If you don't come get her now, they will take both of you away and...well...destroy you." Suddenly, the man disspeared and Mora Ana was alone. She ran to the car,  and drove to the asyllum. up it's stone steps, through the hallways, and finally into her bed sisters bed. It was empty! She was to late! Mora Ana felt as though she was the one to steal her poor sister for the second time. She felt like her only source of love and comfort, even though there was little, had been ripped from hert soul.

The End

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