On leaving Syra

"Oh Syra, my beautiful sister," gasped Mora Ana as she just barely managed to keep from crying again," I love you, okay, you will be fine. I will visit as much as I can, I promise! Goodbye." Mora Ana stood up, kissed her sister on the head; feeling her tight but soft bun she had done for her earlier. Mora Ana walked out of the building and into her car feeling completely drained of energy,  joy, and belief in a new day.

Mora Ana, to most of her friends, is a mysterious young woman. There is only one things you can possibly know about her: Mora Ana Olson is a very beautiful young woman. She has ebony hair that effortlessly flows from her nicely shaped head. Her emerald eyes sparkle even in dim light and her lips are like gorgeous apples surrounding her mouth; red and plump. She has a complexion of a lovely white that is evenly set upon her tall, elegant body.

She looked, to some people, like a princess. But she was never a princess. Her family was never poor and never wealthy. They were A very happy family. Her mother, Vivian, told Mora and her sister that when they were born, Vivian cried of jelousy. But then Syra wnet missing and came back as if she were sleepwalking. Nothing changed her, mother and father were terrified. Then they dissapeared. Soon the police said that they were found, but they were not found alive. This was the worst years of Mora Ana's eyes; which was five years ago.  Now Mora Ana was alone as she pulled up into the drive way. And this made Mora Ana want to crawl in a hole, and sleep. But as she went inside of the house, on the couch, was a man.

The End

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