The People

The woman's name was Neala. She had dark brown hair that was the color of her skin and eyes like yellow sunflowers that seemed to shine every time she smiled(this was most of the time). She was an older woman that apparently had absolutely had no understanding of anything that was not completely black and white. But other than that, to Mora Ana she seemed like a great friend for her sister.

The only human thing that Syra could do without help besides walk was when she sees a chair or a bed, she immediately sits down. Mora Ana was always stumped by this. When this happened in the new room, Neala got very excited. "Ooh! Look" She said, jumping up and down "she is not completely stupid like doctor said! she can sit! he said she can't do anything! YAY!"  She ran to Syra and hugged her.

Mora Ana spoke up politely. "Neala, you don't understand, okay? She can sit down, but other than that, she cannot do. She cannot smile like you or hug like you or talk like you..." Mora Ana's throat swelled up and prevented any more talking on that subject.

"Oh! I get it!" Pleased with herself, Neala started to spin around in the room.
"I know what we should do!" she grins with pleasure and her eyes start to glow again "We should go to the all purpose  room! I love it there! C'mon Syra!" She took Syra by the arms and ran to the all purpose room, followed by nervous staff members and, Mora Ana, Mr. Chate, and Bernadette. The all purpose room was a large gym-like room that was painted bright green. there were many tables with different games and puzzles. When Neala burst in with Syra, every one stood up. "every one!" Neala Shouted this is Syra! She cannot do anything but sit down!" Soon everyone else catched up to her and sighed a huge sigh of relief.Then, Mora Ana gently took Syra from Neala , sat her down at a table with two other staff members, and talked to her.

The End

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