The Asylum

Syra, Mora Ana, and Bernadette walked into the spcacious, fancy hallway covered in thick, glossy, black stone walls and a thick, glossy, black wooden floor. There was a gigantic stairway in the back with black metal rails and a black base.  In short, everything; from the desk in front , the doors and labels on the doors, and the uniforms on both the staff and patients; was black.

In the desks was a man. This man's name was Mr. Chate and he was the Attendance Keeper. He smiled and stood up, holding his hand out for a decent shake. Bernadette took it. "Hi!" Mr. Chate  said in a very cheerful manner, almost as if the women were his best friend. "My name is Mr. Chate and I am the Attendance Keeper. Oh!" He said smiling at Syra, taking her hand as she, obviously unaware, looked straight ahead." So this must be Syra, the new comer. Its' so nice to meet you three. Now, let me guess. This is Mora and this is Bernadette, right?" He gestured to Mora Ana, and then Bernadette.

"Actually," Mora Ana said " I am Mora Ana." she hated her name being wrong like she hated being the sister of a living-dead girl. Then she lowered down her tone "please make sure Syra is okay. I can't live wondering if she's is okay or not even though I think I will" Mr Chate took her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes
"Mora Ana," he was comforting her, and it was sincere; she relished it. "She will be fine.  Reuben A. Smith Psychiatric Hospital is different from other hospitals for many reasons; including the fact that we try to our patients instead of isolate them from  the world. And what could teach them to relax, learn, be appropriate, or to keep from isolating themselves."

By this time, they were already walking through the building on a tour and trying to get to Syra's new room.
"I will believe you people when I see reason to" Mora Ana commented.
"suit your self" Mr. Chate shrugged.
"After all," Mora Ana kept going; "I will be visiting once every week to check on her and keep her company."
"great!" Mr.Chate was sincere again "That is the best thing you can do! Good for her!"

Mora Ana sighed and gave up on trying to paint Mr Chate as just another money craving robot who's only purpose is to expliot other people's weaknesses for money and satisfaction. Finally, they reached Syra's room and her roommate.

The End

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