The Woman With The Mirror Eyes

In Syra Olson's ill mind, nothing exists. Not even a single sight, sound or memory; all she can do is walk and sit in a chair. When she is kidnapped for the second time, her sister and only living relative , Mora Ana, will have to out everything at risk to find her. Soon she realizes that Syra not the one the horror was intended for.

Syra sat in her room, staring into space. Her eyes blank and unseeing of anything important to her darkened, deep, and very isolated mind. Her ears and other senses turned away any distracting and unimportant sounds, smells, or anything else that would  make Syra any more different than who she is. She just sat there in her room, unaware that Mora Ana, her sister, was next to her, packing her bags. Tears streamed down Mora 's eyes like rapids. other than that, they were no verbal signs of crying. nevertheless, Mora Ana was crying. She was crying for her sister but of course, with the state that Syra was in since it happened, Syra didn't notice, care or give any sign of her heartbroken sister's tear even registering. That destroyed every spec of Mora Ana's heart. She stopped packing Syra's bags and stroked her hair; trying not to break anymore.She was telling herself that the worst thing to do was to blame her sister for the sick, sadistic man who had turned her into a monster. Nevertheless, Mora Ana died every time she thought about where they were forcing her poor, unfortunate sister to live. 

"Syra?" Mora Ana's whispered, knowing her sister could not hear her "I love you so much. My sister, please don't hurt yourself. I will visit every week, okay? " Mora Ana's face turned bright red as she kept trying not to break. But, as all things should come to an end for new beginnings, even if we don't want them to; Mora Ana lay on the bed, and cried. Oh how she cried.

She cried until Bernadette, Syra's aid and most helpful, caring, and understanding human being Mora Ana had ever known, knocked on the door."come in!" shouted Mora Ana, who was in such a wreck that she did not even know what she was doing or why she was doing it. "please! I need someone here! I need an actual human!" By now, Mora her; rubbing her back and humming a tune that was all so familiar to Mora Ana. The tune was a lullaby sung to Syra in the early days to try to bring her back by her mother. "Oh Mora, dear" Bernadette whispered "I have known you and Syra ever since. But that does not change the fact that I love her as much as I love my heart, like you. I will be with every step of the way, and I know you will too."

"Well" sighed Bernadette "Lets go to that big, old Hospital and show them how great Syra is" Mora Ana dried her eyes and took Syra's hand. Then she lead her sister to the car, and sat in the back with her as Bernadette drove the beat up old pontiac to the hospital. They drove Syra to her fate.

The End

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