The Woman Who Lays at my Side at Night

A poem about the dreams I have where a random woman cuddles with me. I made it seem like I am sleeping with a lot of real women only to be like "Pysch! I'm forever alone :p"


The Woman who lays at my Side at Night



The woman who lays at my side at night

Is different with every escaping sun.

Her naked flesh presses against me tight

Our descent into sweet sleep has begun.

Although I will not remember her name,

I feel a strong attraction to her still.

Her kisses warm me like a roaring flame

Each soft touch brings my heart to a standstill.

Come morning she will have had disappeared,

I wake with only a pillow nearby.

Another lonely dream is what I fear,

It would be quite foolish for me to deny.

Twenty-four long, tiring hours I must wait,

Before I can find another night mate.

The End

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