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Angel: So what, I yelled at her. People yell. We were fighting, married people fight! She’s pregnant and I yelled at her. What kind of a man yells at his pregnant wife; weeks from her due date? I don't even remember what we were even fighting about anymore. I was mad. I said things I shouldn’t have. She left the room. She couldn't stand it any longer. I was fuming.  I wanted her to come back so we could finish it. Then I hear this Thud. When I saw her collapsed on the floor my heart stopped. I wasn’t aware of the feelings I was harboring until that moment. It was as if someone had pulled the skin from my body and I saw myself for the first time. I couldn’t bear what confronted me. I was never more aware of the evil in me than in that moment. I felt like my thoughts had caused her aneurism. It’s haunting. She’s not the first though, people get hurt around me. I’m not careful, sometimes I get angry, I explode. I never realize it until it’s too late. Oh God don’t let it be too late. I can't lose her. Not now, I have to make amends she can't leave me with this feeling. I'll never get over it.

Woman: What does it matter in the long run? If she manages to make it through this now you’ll only loose her later. It’s better to cut the ties now. Time will only make things worse. The longer she stays around the more the world will corrupt her. She’ll only suffer more toils. You’ll drift apart and one way or another she’ll slip away from you. I say end your misery now. You need to let her go, don’t put yourself through anymore. You can’t save her every time.

Angel: No…I have to…we were fighting…about…It was us, our lives, our mistakes, our future. It was never supposed to go so wrong, get so heated, but she said things and I…I…(He kneels) Oh please forgive me. I didn't mean the things I said. Oh God, don't take her from me not now. Don’t let our future end here. Give me another chance. I swear I'll be a better person, live a better life, be more careful, alert, trying not to--anything. Just let her stay. I can't raise the children all on my own. Please don't take her like this. Not now. Don’t leave me in this mess alone. I promise no matter what, I won’t stop fighting for us, for what we have, what we can have, for her. I’ll never give up that fight. I’ll do it right this time, I won’t lose my temper, I won’t hurt anyone…Just let me…have her back.

Light fades on the woman. Nurse enters.

Nurse: Mr. Reese?

Angel stands slowly bracing himself for the worse.

Angel: That's me.

Nurse: We're moving your wife to intensive care. We can't guarantee anything at the moment. We're waiting for her to regain consciousness. In cases like this temporary short term memory loss, dizziness and confusion is common but we've managed to take care of the damaged vain.

Angel: She's alive!

Nurse: Yes, your wife is alive.

Angel: Can I see her?!

Nurse: She's unconscious.

Angel: I don't care! Take me to her.

Nurse: this way.

Nurse exits.

Angel: I won't forget this, thank you.

Angel follows nurse off stage. Woman in black walks out of the shadows, cigarette in her mouth. She pulls out a box of matches as she exits.


The End

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