The Woman in Black

A short scene I did for my play writing class.
The woman represents the mans guilt.


THUD! Ambulance Sirens.

Fade in on hospital waiting room. Angel is sitting in chair looking anxious. Enter Woman in black holding a cigarette.   

Woman: Do you have a light?

Angel doesn't look up. He shakes his head. The woman crouches across from him and watches him intently. 

Angel: What?

Woman: What?

Angel: Why are you looking at me like that?

Woman: Do you have a light?

Angel: No.

Woman: I can tell.

Angel looks away from her

Woman: You have the look of a man on the edge of an abyss as he looks down into the endless darkness and realizes he's life is slipping away into that emptiness and there is nothing he can do to stop it.

Angel: I'm sorry, I don't feel like talking right now.

Woman: So what happened to your wife? She's the reason your here right?

Angel: (Pause) Obvious enough assumption.

Woman: But correct...She fell. A blood vessel burst deep in her brain and she collapsed. How is that for guessing?

Angel: How do you know that?

Woman: Feeling anxious is natural, the fear is understood but what I can't wrap my mind around is the guilt.

Angel: this is none of your business! You need to leave!

Woman: I could but I'm not going to. How horrible does it feel to have that truth gnawing away at you? All that anger bottled up, nowhere to go, it'll kill you if you ask me. But I'm getting the sense you deserve the punishment.

Angel: (standing) shut up!

Woman: Oooh, come now, you have to agree.

Angel: I said shut up!

Woman: (standing) Make me! I see right through you Angel, you can't hide the truth from me! The fear, the guilt...the evil!

Angel: Who are you? You don’t know me! If you know what is good for you you’ll leave me the hell alone!

Woman: Is that what you told her?!—They always said I push too much. It’s none of my business I’ll leave you to your anxious handwringing. But if you want my opinion, I think it is heart wrenching, your wife is lying on death’s doorstep and you’re helpless to save her. You’re the good guy, the victim of fates cruel design. All you deserve is sympathy but you look the villain.

The End

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