Wait, this can't be real...

The wolf looked at me, it's eyes studying me closely. It looked behind at a muddy-brown coloured wolf, as if for reassurance. The snowy wolf looked back at me. Then the two words, destined to change my life, were spoken. "The Hunters." 

I pinched myself. This couldn't be happening. Firstly, wolves can't get in to houses. Secondly, I'm pretty sure animal (never mind wolves) can't talk. So why wasn't I waking up. This couldn't be real. "I know what you're thinking," Another wolf said. By this time, the whole pack was surrounding the bed. "Wolves don't talk. If you could help Prince, then I'll tell you our story," He said. "Okay. Wait here. I'll go get some bandages," I smiled nervously, slightly concerned that I was going mad. I found the bandages and quietly climbed back upstairs into bed, hoping not to wake Mum.

"Thank you," Prince whispered, also rather nervously, as I wrapped the bandage round him and secured it with a safety pin. I noticed a couple of the pack were holding young pups between their paws. "W... would you like a blanket for you... cubs?" I asked. "That would be very kind," One of them said. The cubs were lifted onto my bed. He sheet was muddy but I tried to ignore it and hoped Mum wouldn't notice. "I'm the leader of this pack but I have led them to nothing but trouble. That's why we had to come here. We need help from... from them," The muddy brown one said solemnly, "I shall tell you our story from the beginning. It all started with Professor Wesly."   

The End

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