The Dart

The white wolf padded over to me and sat down by my side.

  I looked at it curiously, fascinated by its intelligence. Then I noticed the dart.

  The dart was embedded in the flank of the white wolf, and it glistened coldly in the moonlight. From the wound of the wolf, a small stream of blood trickled. The drops fell onto the carpet.

  I bent over the wolf and, patting it, quickly grasped hold of the dart and pulled it with all my force. More blood came out of the cavity exposed by the dart. The wolf howled. I turned the dart over in my hand. It was made of a silvery metal which was light in the grasp. On the tail end of the dart was an emblem, with a curious circle design.

  "Who could have done this to you?" I asked the wolf.

The End

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