The Pack

For a long moment I froze on the spot staring.  Breathing hard, fearing for dear life. A hurricane storm started to pick up outside, and I knew trying to get away would be pointless. I wanted to scream, but no sound wanted to come out.  The large black wolf with his thick coat and muddy paws was awkwardly still and silent.  Watched my every move, studied me, and looked into my soul.  His stare moved to the window where all hell was loose outside from the storm.  I wondered if his reason for being here was to find shelter from the storm, for if he wanted to kill me he would have done so by now.  A loud slam and scratching sound against the window made me jump and I fell off the bed knocking out my wind.

I struggled to catch my breath as I tried to sit up again.  I felt something against my hair.  I looked up slowly and saw the wolf directly above me.  I thought it was it; I was done, dead, history.  He just stared at me, sniffing my hair, then my face until I felt his wet tongue over my cheek. I let out a giggle and the wolf sneezed.

Another scratching sound at the window disturbed us and the wolf walked away towards the window.  I moved up to my knees and glared over my bed at the window and found four pair of glinting eyes looking in.  The rest of the pack? I wondered.

Oddly I stood up and walked to the window slowly.  Looking through it, at the wolves outside I instinct like opened the window.  For a moment my room was hell itself when wind and rain was blown in while the wolves climbed through the window.

I closed the window after the last one was through, one who captured my heart instantly.  A pure large white wolf, with blue eyes that could look right into one's soul.  As the wolfs made themselves at home on the floor I could not helped but made up reasons for them being here.  Was the first one the leader of the pack?  Or was I? As the silly childhood stories of werewolves entered my mind. Were they here for shelter?  Was there something lurking in the woods?  The questions raised in my mind, over and over.

The End

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