The Wolves

About a girl who finds a hidden pack of talking wolves.

I sighed, bored of my simple life. Get up, have breakfast, get dressed, go to school, come home, watch telly, have dinner, watch more telly, get ready for bed and sleep. I loved dogs. Thats my only ask from Mum and Dad. A dog. If I had a dog, I'd look after it, do loads of extra jobs and... well, anything they ask of me. That's all I asked. Maybe even a pet fox. 

Anyway, I was in bed, listening to the sounds of the night. I wasn't afraid of anything. There was owls hooting, wolves howling and a mix of squeaking and weird noises. I couldn't sleep. I never could. Something wasn't right tonight. I thought that every night but today. Suddenly, I heard a slight creak of the stairs. It wasn't Mum or Dad; the footsteps were lighter. I was scared now. What if it was a burglar or something worse. My door suddenly began creaking. I sat up, petrified. Two glinting eyes were staring at me...

The End

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