The wolfs preyMature

In 1856 Eastern Germany a war has broken out in the supernatural world. pinning vampires against werewolves. the human population of eastern Germany is dwindling because the vampires have taken them as soldiers and so have the werewolves most of them men. but what has become of the women of eastern Germany? they have been driven into hiding because the vampies do not see them as a useful resource in the war so they kill them off. but however they do see them as a profit. Selling them as slaves

                                                                 chapter one.

I gazed outside of the French doors longing to see what lays beyond the chateaus walls. Beyond the dark forest and beyond the castles of the vampires and the werewolves where they rage in war. But mother says isn't safe that the vampires and werewolves hid in the dark forest waiting for beautiful girl to linger in. Waiting for the kill. Im highly beautiful so I don't  see the point in staying. Because of this war the human population in eastern Germany was dwindling. They were either bitten to become part of the vampire army, marked by the werewolf army or simply killed between the crossfires. Some even volunteered to fight. They were mostly men that joined. The women of eastern Germany were forced into hiding. Because if we would not fight the war there was only one use for us. The slave trade.  we would be used as house workers, nannies, or the worst of all sex slaves for the vampires. the werewolves at least had some humanity in them but the vampires didn't care about humans. we are just blood bags to them. The war has been going on between the Werewolves and Vampires for a millennium but they never took it on the battlefield twelve years ago. Even since the war started the sun has not shined in eastern Germany. I haven't seen the sun since I was five. Ever since my mother told me we could never leave the chateau ever again. Or at least until the war stopped then I could find a husband and leave Germany for good. I haven't got many years left to find one as Im sixteen. Im almost past the age of suitable marriage, and there aren't many human men left in Germany. "Tara! come down for your lessons darling." My mother shouted from down stairs. I groaned. I absolutely hated my daily lessons of being a proper lady. Its simply exhausting. First you have to bow to your guest or your new acquaintance. Then you have to sit like a proper lady. Balance books on your head to make you walk straighter. Keep your shoulders back etc. I don't see the point especially with this war raging on there might not even be humans anymore to bow to anymore. Maybe the Vampires win and there are new ways to life now. Same goes for the werewolves. Who knows? "Tara come down this instant do not make me come up there!" I sighed and walked down the stairs to the music room where my mother was shouting from. "I thought a lady never shouted." I said innocently. "Do not use that tone with me." "But I was only remembering the rules you taught me mother." "Just shut up and play." she snapped. My mother hasn't been the same since the war and since Father got taken into the Vampire army for god knows what reason. He could have just been used as a blood bag or maybe a soldier. Thankfully that night when he was taken he lead the Vampires away from the chateau so they wouldn't find us. "What would you like me to play mother. "play Beethovens fifth symphony." As I  started to play the lyrical notes. I hummed along. Knowing the piece of by heart. I looked at my mother who was looking out the window peacefully. I looked out the window looking out into the forest that surrounded the chateau. The forest is so dense and green. If there weren't so many creatures it would actually be sort of beautiful. The tall trees of different varieties their so green that it was simply mesmerizing. Then I saw a shadow scurry across the outer edge of the forest, and I instantly tensed up. I looked at my mother who had the same experession that I did. "Mother whats going on?" I said starting to panic now. "They've found us." she says looking pale as ever. 



The End

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