Looking at the mess on the floor, I let out a sigh. This mess will take a while to clean. I turn to leave the room, and nearly fall over. “Oh, sorry Emma. I didn’t see you there.”
    She looks up at me and smiles. She has my father’s gentle brown eyes, just like me. “It’s okay. I’ll clean up my mess.”
    I suddenly notice the mop and bucket in her hands. I smile gently at her. She is so unlike her mother. “No, it’s okay Emma, I got it. Besides, we’ll both get into worse trouble if I let you do that.”
    “Well, let me help. I don’t care what mother says, she’s the one who put that horrible spell on you.”
    She has her mother’s stubborn nature. “Alright, I’ll go get the broom and pan.” I go to the closet and pull out them out. “Do you know how to sweep?”
    She shakes her head, her red curls bouncing around her head. Her mother never lets her do chores, so that’s why she’s so ignorant when it comes to cleaning.
    “Okay,” I walk over to the pile, “You go like this.” I brush the broom across the floor, right to left, and put some of the flour into a pile. I hand her the broom.
    She puts more flour into the pile, “Like this?”
    I smile and nod, “Yes. Now try to sweep it into the pan.” I kneel down and hold the pan against the floor.
    She starts to sweep everything into the pan.
    I smile, “Good job!”
    She smiles and sweeps more into the pan. Then, the next thing I know, flour is flying up into my face and my face becomes all white. She gasps, “Oh, I’m so sorry!”
    I start laughing, “It’s okay, just keep sweeping.”
    “Okay.” She puts all the flour into the pan and I dump it into the garbage. Emma grabs a dishtowel from one of the drawers and runs it under the sink.
    “Emma, what are you doing?”
    She walks over to me, “Let me clean the flour off of you.” She gently wipes my face with the towel.
    I flinch, “Emma, you could have made the water a little warmer.”
    “Oh, I’m sorry.”
    I smile, “It’s okay, thank you.”
    She finishes up and then smiles too, “You’re welcome.” She puts the towel in the sink.
    “You can go and play now.”
    Her eyes widen slightly, “But, you’re still not finished –”
    “It’s okay, you’ve done enough.”
    She frowns, “Are you sure?”
    “Yeah, go on,” I smile and rustle her hair.
    She smiles, flattening out her hair, “Okay.” She walks to the doorway and pauses for a moment before continuing and leaves the room.
    Emma is a total sweetheart. I’m glad she’s my sister. I could have been stuck with an evil sister, especially with the way Vivian is. It makes me wonder why she isn’t evil though.

The End

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