The Wolf's Curse

Delilah loved her father very much. However, he had married an evil witch named Vivian, unknowingly. She put a curse on him, forcing him to love her, and then later, cursed Delilah so she'd turn into a wolf every night. Years later her father passes away, and in a blind rage Vivian curses Delilah to live as a wolf for all eternity. What will happen to her?

I never liked my step-mother. I could tell immediately the day dad brought her home that she was up to no good. She acted all sweet and kind, but behind that she was an evil witch – literally.
    My father was one of the richest people in town. We have a big mansion, two Mercedes Benz, fifty acres of land, many maids and servants, and a chocolate fountain. Yes, I said chocolate fountain.
    Then, the day he married her, everything started changing. She started acting cruel to me, and when my father protested, she put him under her spell and he became her slave. A year later, she gave birth to a baby. She tried to teach it her evil ways. I had accidentally come across the room where she taught it witchcraft during one of her lessons. She got mad and sent me to my room for the night.
    After that incident, the child started rejecting her lessons. She blamed me for this and cast a curse upon me. Now, every time the sun sleeps behind the distant mountains, I transform into a wolf until dawn breaks.
    Several weeks after she put that curse on me, father started getting severely ill. The doctor said for him to stay in bed until he gets better. Not wanting to frighten us, the doctor said he should be fine in a little while. Just by looking into his eyes though, I could tell that the doctor was worried.
    Now Vivian, the witch, has me doing everyone’s laundry down in the dusty basement. I don’t know why she’s making me, we still have servants. Then again, making me miserable is what makes her happy.
    I dump the last of the clothes into the machine and turn it on.
    “Deli, get up here,” Vivian shouts.
   Great. What does she want now? Letting out a sigh, I go back upstairs.
    “Deli, clean this mess off the floor!” Vivian points to a pile of flour on the floor.
    I frown, “What happened?”
    She rolls her eyes, “Emma was trying to bake something, you got a problem with that?” Emma is her ten year old daughter.
    I shake my head, “No, I don’t.” Actually I do, but I can’t let her know that.
    “Good, then get moving!” She tosses her long fiery hair over her shoulder and leaves them room. I have to admit, she is very beautiful, but I bet that’s just spell she put on herself.

The End

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