Forever Altered (Con.)Mature

“You don’t need my permission, but I am alright with it. He sounds pretty cool.”

“I got to get back to work before my boss explodes” She finished her food then headed back to the restroom brush her teeth, hair and headed out. To the car Leo borrowed her. Before she made it out the front door she warned Marc not to do anything “stupid”. She was tired of hearing of his new injury.

“No worries, I’ll probable just go hiking or something with Max.”

“What about going hiking near my work?” She asked having just thought about the state park near by.

“Why not” He said agreeing; Marc got up, put on some shoes and left with his mom. The car Leo drove nice but nothing to brag about, but it was very clean it also looked a lot like a Lamborghini Gallardo

As they drove to the opposite side of town Marc’s mind was focusing on something else, he was hungry. Hungry, but not for any food he knew of. Another part of his mind was telling him a dozen eggs were not going to seize his hunger.  He had made himself forget what had happened to him after he woke up, but that was just again starting to happen again. 

The End

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