Forever Altered (Con.)Mature

He closed his eyes to collect himself. Once he felt he was normal again he dried himself off and got his shirt back on. He walked out of the restroom and down the hallway. The clock on the wall between the living room and kitchen at the end of the hall said it was almost eleven thirty.  Which meant his mom was about to get on her lunch break, meaning an hour of questions and her soap show.

He tried to have some breakfast and for once he could hardly make it through a single egg instead he drank another raw because it looked and even smelt good. That wasn’t even like him; normally he might eat four eggs easily, but they would be cooked.  It was weird but the raw eggs were actually good. As he leaned against the counter in the kitchen enjoying the after taste of the eggs; a car door shut in the drive way. His mom had just come home. He heard the sound and was a little startled, he quickly went back to his room to change his blood stained pants and last nights shirt.

“Marc.” Claire called.

“Waz up?” He hollered back from his room as he scrambled to get on a new set of cloths.

“So what’s up with all these egg shells on the counter? And what were you making that required an entire carton, there’s no dirty pans did you actually clean up?”

Marc’s stomach dropped and tied its self in knots. The shirt was half way on, “ugh… I think I might’ve actually cleaned them.”  He for once couldn’t believe that he was actually telling his mom he cleaned something other than his plate. I thought I ate like two, not the whole carton.

He headed out to the living room and turned on the television. As he started channel surfing, she started cooking her lunch.

“Marc what would you think of me dating again?” Her curiosity was growing as she argued with her self. She wanted to start again, but did want the heart break that could very well come after.

“Mom, your dating is not my choice. This time though, make sure he’s not into stalking.” Marc was referring to her last boyfriend break-up. Her last boyfriend got him a few rifle lessons.

“I know it’s not your choice Marc, but I guess I just need some girl advice.”

“You’ve got a son” Marc interrupted

“Thank you Sherlock.” Sarcasm “I was going to ask you if Max’s family was doing anything this week cause Alice might be good in this area.”

“He hasn’t said anything” Marc guessed, he didn’t really care enough to pry that far into peoples’ lives. “So who’s this person you’re trying to ask me about?”

“What makes you think there’s even a guy?” she shot back trying not to give it away.

“Would you be asking me if there wasn’t?” Marc was “returning fire”.

The look on her face was all Marc needed to know what she strayed away from. She had found another guy, like him but didn’t know if she should move beyond that.

“His name is Leo, and he has been working with me for only a few months and I think I just noticed him today.” She said as she took a grilled cheese off the stove.

As if this doesn’t scream love story… “Uhm…ok, that’s good; I guess.” Marc really didn’t know what to say to that. He only knew that feeling from a guy’s point of view. As his mom had lunch she told Marc about how when she came out of her work and her tires were all slashed. Leo (who was just getting off work) had let her borrow his car so she could have her lunch as he went to a brother’s house for a new set of tires. Apparently his brother owned an auto parts store and had some spare tires lying around. I wonder how Leo made my mom so not depressed or POed about her tires being slashed, I know would be. “What’s got you so glad about this?”

“This morning when James dropped you off he tried to get another date with me”

“Shocker” Marc added with sarcasm. James always had a thing for his mom which made things really “awkward” sometimes, especially since he was married.   His wife and Claire had been close friends since high school and in many cases still are, when James isn’t around.

“I think I might talk with Micah. She might have to straighten him out again. Lord knows last time she did it he wouldn’t dare look at me.” She took a look at the clock as she started to eat. Fifteen minutes left. “So you are alright wit me dating again right?”

The End

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