Forever Altered (Con.)Mature

Swirling darkness became present unto his mind in a matter of minutes a real nightmare took control. Before Marc, appeared a single mirror and with it an eerie and unnatural light shinned out of the glass.  Marc was standing right in front of the mirror and could not move.  It was like his body had to be there, but everything else about himself didn’t want to be there. He slowly let his eyes fall upon the mirror. At first there was nothing, not even the reflection that a normal mirror would have. Then something clouded the unnatural light that radiated from the mirror, a fog. This fog rushed and churned within the glass. Wave after wave it entered the glass soon the mirror became full clouded. Something moved behind it and Marc knew it was wicked.

The figure was materializing out of the fog. It was Marc in so many ways, or becoming him. But there were several differences also. The emotions that came of his face were blind, violent rage, undying anger, and unrelenting sorrow. His physical features were also in a small way different from Marc’s. Those were the things that scared Marc the most. Crimson eyes, a more defined physique, and last the most intimidating thing of all; the elongated eye-teeth!

The figure in the mirror was reaching to the glass, or what was glass. When the hand touched the glass, it was bending like plastic wrap. The glass was stretching to contain the hand and failed. Like a sheet of paper being torn from the top of his hand down.  He slowly and carefully ripped open the mirror as Marc just stood there frozen in fear. Then it lunged at Marc through the mirror.

Marc was jolted awake.  He sat straight up in his bed breathing fast and deep. Just a dream, it was only a dream. It wasn’t real; but why did it feel real? Pain came from his side but it was minor. Exactly like the pain was fading away, an echo of what it used to be. Marc was shacking like crazy, he couldn’t control it. Like there was something fighting for away out of him. He shifted to sitting on the side of his bed letting his feet hang on to the floor of his room. He slouched over and ran his hands through his hair, only calming him a little. He was still shaking but not as bad once he got his breathing under control. Marc stood up walked to restroom next door to his room. Closed the door, and took off his friend’s hoodie to see the scars he got from last night. He unwound the bandage around his stomach to see if the broken ribs were still there. Things were changing in him so fast that it wouldn’t surprise him if they had healed. The scars had no pain when he touched them, but he could feel the difference of scar’s skin and then normal skin. It was smooth, very smooth.  It was a change, the only one that Marc fully knew about. Compared to the many he would soon find out. Still the pain was now only a faint echo of what it was, and fading.

He stood in front of the mirror, the three scars fascinated him. They were unusual and he had never seen scars like them. He after about a minute or two of look intently at them, Marc lost interest.  He was about to put his shirt back on when he noticed something different.  It was one of those subsequent glances that you normally regret later, and he did. His eyes had a new something; the iris had changed its color! The shade was so bright and humanly unnatural that it made him think he had contacts on them. The bloods colored eyes from his dream were his!

The surprise left his mouth dropped and that uncovered another transformation that had occurred. The eye teeth were once again like the dreams, lengthened. He got his face up close to the mirror to see that the changes were authentic.

When he touched them, he became mad at himself for being stupid enough to touch his eye. Pain. He started shaking because whatever had changed in him was taking advantage of what little anger it could and Marc was noticing that. He noticed that he had even gotten a little extra muscle, the stronger the shaking got the stronger he got. It was apparent in the mirror. He was freaking out, in any biology class he had taken stuff like this could not happen! He balled his hands into a fist just to restrain himself from punching through the mirror.

Marc knew he had to calm himself down or he was going to just lash out.  He stumbled over to the bathtub and ran his head in cold water until he shivered. Under his skin it felt as though veins were moving or changing back to what was normal. Once that feeling stopped so did the shaking, he just breathed deeply and shivered as under the cold water. “What the heck is happening to me? What attacked me last night had to be something unnatural and it changed me somehow. Its like I am slowly fading, changing.”

The End

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