Forever Altered (Con.)Mature

“From what I can feel it seems as though my son might actually be right. To be sure I am going to have to sneak you an X-ray. This isn’t hard since its right next door, thank God.” James was really hoping no one was around since what he was doing was very illegal. Once again luck prevailed for them and proved Marc had two fractured ribs. Which James Wrapped with some Ace bandage and told him that he would have to wear it for about two or three mount depending on how fast things healed. 

James rushed Marc through the waiting room and got the rest of the group. On their way to the car James had Marc call his mom, he put her on speaker. The phone rang about ten times before it was answered.

“What happened?” She asked only physically awake (not mentally).

“Two fractured ribs” Marc said blankly.

“Oh…Ok. Have fun.” She said slowly, her mind did even come close to being awake or registering what Marc had said. She Hung up the phone and fell back onto her pillow.

 Marc stared at the phone as it said “call ended”.

“Your mom took that a lot better than I thought” James said laughing with the kids he was about to drive home. “Try again. It’s too early for some to be awake”

He dialed again; it rang about the same amount of time before an answer.  “Hello” His mom said with the same amount of consciousness as before.

“Your soap opera just got cancelled” Marc said knowing that this would wake her for sure. Everyone was laughing hard as they drove out of the parking lot

Her brain started to register what her son just said. “WHAT?” She screamed into the speaker of the phone.

“I’m driving your son home from the hospital” James said trying hard to hold in laughter and taking the phone back from Marc. “Marc got hurt and I took care of it.”

“Hurt as in what James?”

“I’ll tell you when I get over to dropping Marc off. By the way you’re on speaker.” James said bringing up an old (and not so humorous) joke.

“Waz up Ms. David?” Max, Ryan, and Jason chimed in; carrying on that same joke.

“Goodnight guys” She said as she hung up the phone.

James dropped off the other guys and his son like he told Marc’s mom. Marc watched the yellow lines on the road as they drove home. It almost seemed that they lifted off the pavement and into his mind; each line like a dart between his eyes and straight into his mind aiding him in letting his mind drift. Once Marcs friends were gone sleep started to creep up on him as silence started to match the hum of the engine making him drift asleep. That only took about five minutes for it to happen. At about the same time they pulled into driveway, the little dip at the bottom was just enough to wake Marc.

“Okay here we are” James said as Marc started to slump out of the car. James popped the trunk as Marc wondered slowly waking towards it. Marc grabbed his bag and tried to pull out his but his ribs started to get painful. James offered to help Marc and he didn’t argue. They staggered their way up to the front porch where Claire (Marcs mom).

“You mind telling why I am up at two thirty in the morning Marc?” His mom asked a little cranky.

“Claire its probable better if you hold up the questions” James said to make things less of a mess. “I don’t even think he entirely knows what happened. Doctor’s orders: I think he needs no sports that are aggressive, and that includes swimming. As far as I am concerned it’s late and I think you both would be wise to catch a few Z’s” His suggestion was well timed, as Claire started and finished up a yawn.

“So how much do I owe you James? This isn’t the first time you’ve come over with help.” Claire asked as Marc headed in his house, he collapsed into his bed and began to drift away. 

“How’s coffee, lunch, and a movie sound?”

In your dreams “how about you and your family have dinner here tomorrow?”

“Deal.” Accepting what he could get. He then wished them a good night and drove back to work.

The End

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