Forever Altered (Con.)Mature

“Pretty sure he’s still working so might be able to still get there before he leaves.” Ryan felt awkward as he checked out the seven inch diagonal scars on Marc’s chest. Blood stained skin echoed the patterns of the shirt “So those are the scars that happened because of that bear thing?”

“It doesn’t make any sense to me, but yes.”

“OK… well the faster we get out of here then the quicker you can get to my dad or the hospital.” Ryan didn’t really talk much the rest of that night and until Max called a ride home they all really had nothing to do but get out in the open and near a road fast, incase what ever it was that attacked came back.

Marc, Max, Jason, and Ryan got there camping gear (a weekends worth of cloths, entertainment, two tents, and food) all packed up in the backpacks they put out the fire and headed towards the road. As they walked Max called Ryan’s dad at the hospital. James (Ryan’s dad) was at there meeting place in a few minutes.

“You mind telling me why I had to take my lunch break to pick you boys up way out in the middle of no-where?” James said; then he got a glance at Marc and saw the blood. “Oh… um… yeah… I guess this will be a ride straight to my office.” He ushered they guys into his car and started to drive into town. James couldn’t see Marc because of where he was seated in the car.  Still it didn’t stop James from asking. What happened that night was almost entirely an enigma to Marc, predominantly unexplainable. His friends tried to explain also, but that only made things worse when Marc started to agree with what they understood, which wasn’t much. James asked Marc to tell him everything that happened from the moment he left camp, as his friends pretended to not be interested by staring out the window. James listened intently not even doubting what marc told him. He had heard of crazier story in his occupation, doctors heard everything people did to try and cover up their mistakes. Some of the stories were believable other’s were too good to be true, like Marc’s.

Finally arriving at the hospital; they drove into a parking lot on the side of the building. Turning off the car James started to lay down the rules of what everyone would be doing. “Anyone who is not Marc is going to sit in the waiting room.” He glanced over at his son, Ryan. “You won’t be hotwiring this car well I am gone.” He put Marc in the rear view mirror. “Marc wait for me at that side door, I’m sneak’n you in.” Everyone did what they were told and in about two minutes Marc was inside the hospital. The sterile smell rushed in him with every breath. He detested it.  

“Marc, from here on we have got to be careful. If someone says something about you being here Just Make something up that has nothing to do with me. I am getting you treatment for whatever just happened free.”

Marc interrupted “Why free?”

“Shoot I just don’t want to do the paper work nor do want to PO your mom at…” he looked at his watch. “Nearly two fifteen in the morning. Plus I really hate all that work this early in the morning. Let’s get in my office.”

Marc followed James into his office, his office was perfectly organized.  All his awards were hanging on the wall each perfectly aligned with the next. “Alright down to business, you said you had three cuts and a bump on you chest, anything else?”

“Not that I know” Marc noticed that the person that was driving the car, was not the same person that was talking to him now. He was actually very professional.

“Well I guess now I get to check out what’s going on with you, so I need you to remove your shirt.”

Awkward Marc thought slowly as he complied. He hated the way hospital air was always so cold against his skin. It always was the worst thing about hospital next to the air.

“Wow, are those the scars that you were talking about; because the skin looks still stained with blood?”

“Yep, don’t ask me how but they healed.” He said as he showed James the swelling. James looked moderately perplexed because the blood stain trails all came from the scars but that’s what they were, when the three marks should have been lacerations. “Ryan said that might be a broken rib but I personally am not the doctor and neither is he.”

James put his hand on Marc’s side and started to press in “tell me when it hurts”

Marc almost immediately told him there was pain the moment he started pressing in.

The End

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