Forever Altered (Con.)Mature


The rest of friends turned from their jokes to see what Max was talking about. Only turning because they thought he was apart of the next joke from Max’s perverse intelligence.

“Dude… What the fuck happened to you?” Jason said as he came over to help support his friend end standing up. Jason saw that Marc wasn’t doing so well on his own. In all reality Marc was actually getting better. He shrugged off Jason.

“Max call 911” Jason said with a “Duh” expression as to what to do. Max was the only one smart enough to bring a cell phone out to the middle of no where.

“Max don’t” Marc said “I’m fine. Plus you call them and we end up getting arrested or fined.” All his friends were around him. Staring surprised at the amount blood that had spilled down Marc.

“If you’re so fine then why the hell do you have so much blood on you?” Max was on average very good at pointing out the apparent, but reading body language was not his forte. Marc was no looking at all hurt but something seemed wrong with him to every one of his friends. Max, Jason, Ryan, they all agreed something was wrong.

“I don’t know why. Well actually I do, but I don’t know how to explain it. It was weird.” His friends stared at him like he was crazy… or high.

“If this is some kind of prank Marc, I swear you’re getting the birthday beat down a little early” Ryan threatened.

“All I know is that there is something big out there and it attacked me. It was about the size of a bear but looked like a wolf. After it attacked me I was bleeding like crazy and then the cuts just disappeared, and know I am here and not going to be sticking around longer for around two am leave leaving after I change clothes.” Marc friends saw that what he said was truth, but they didn’t believe him. He acted like he wasn’t hurt at all. 

“Your lying” Ryan accused “there’s no way a bear could have attacked you. You would be dead. This has to be a prank, that blood is so fake looking, it even turning brown or black.”  Ryan, like most people, has a tendency have a quick temper at 1 in the morning.

“Ryan, cool your jets alright. If Marc says he was attacked then he probable was; that’s not fake blood. Whatever attacked him is still out there, so we shouldn’t be.” Jason was at this point only interested in calming Ryan down. Not because he didn’t like a good argument every now and then, its just he thought 1 in the morning was not the time for it. Nor were they in the correct place, the heart of a forest, not safe if it got to strong. “Max I think we should call someone and get out of here. This is something we have been looking forward to for a long time, Marc wouldn’t want to leave and then say it was a prank. He wanted to go just as much as we did and he planned most of it. Why do you think we’re trespassing right now for a good spot?” He turned to Marc. “Where did all this blood come from?” Referring to Marc’s appearance, something didn’t make sense. 

“I have no idea what I saw doesn’t make sense. I should be dead.” He said that with no expression as he turned to pack up his stuff from camp.

Now it didn’t really matter that the fire was going down. The amount of radiance the fire set out was just enough for them to pack up. Ryan was pissed about having to go, so much here celebrating graduating junior year. I barely passed anyway. 2.7 GPA, which sucked!

As Marc packed he found out when he stood up that there was massive pain where the claws of what he assumed to a bear grazed him. When he stood up, he leaned forward and there the pain happened again. It was just the scratches that had healed the moment he noticed them. He walked up to the fire and took off his shirt throwing it into the fire. He wouldn’t need, nor did he want to explain it later, when he was home. He saw some swelling on his chest just under the scars, when he touched he not only swore in pain but also found out a rib or two was busted.

“I think I need to talk to your dad Ryan.” Ryan looked over at Marc and saw the swelling on his lower right rib cage. At the same time he noticed the scars, all four of them had gone swimming after school had gotten out the day before and those scars weren’t there before. 

The End

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