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This book is pretty much about a military weapon gone wrong. Biogenetic engineering for the military got into both the right and the wrong hands. To some extent, it is still within the military the right hands, but someone from within spread it to his brother who spread it to the main character. But the original Man who was infected started to spread the disease out side the Military and the man starts to create his own military to over throw the government virtually creating terrorists. The gov


                                                                                                                              Chapter 1.  Forever Altered.

I hate feeling like this

I’m so tired of trying to fight this

I’m asleep and all I dream of is waking to you

By Skillet from the song Comatose


All parts of Marc’s throbbing mind were trying to refocus his vision.  It was like staring through foggy dark glass.  Clouded.  His vision was slowly beginning to clear at about the same time his mind was awaking from the danger that had just passed.  Conscious, he was alert.  With his mind becoming aware, a sense of pain began to come alive.  Pain began to charge through the floodgates of his mind.  The clearer his mind began to become, the more rapid and more apparent pain became.  Agony.

Marc looked down to see a new hue added to his formerly White T, crimson.  He pulled up his t-shirt, as a complicated story of what just happened began to play out.  Why am I like this now?  What happened?  Where did all this blood come from?”  With a multitude of questions streaming through his mind, many too be answered by a truth he was not willing to accept. Carefully pulling up his shirt to see the scars, Marc could actually make out veins and see inner body parts he couldn’t identify.  Tissues and skin around the three cuts started moving, or at least that’s the way it appeared to Marc.  He was very confused with or without what he was seeing, it seemed as though he was healing.  Skin started emerge from underneath and around the edges of the three lacerations, it appeared as though many ants were placing themselves over the open bloody cuts.  The Cuts soon became less distinct and appeared as scars. Only from his imagination could he guess an answer as to what was making the cut across his chest heal, he was dreaming.

Feelings in his mind became num of everything, even life itself.  Void.  That’s when he thought back to what had just occurred and the reason as to why he was here currently.  Some breed of enormous wolf charged up to him…then seemed to punch him with his claws…or something and he went backwards into a tree passing out.  “Wait…if that thing was here a few minutes ago. I don’t want to be here any longer”… along with that he stood up. He steadied him against the bark of the tree he leaned against; with the quantity of blood that had poured on to his shorts and shirt, Marc concluded that he should’ve been dead a while ago. “Someone must really want me alive right now”.

Marc began to wander back towards the campsite his friends and he had thought they chose knowledgeably six hours ago. Then again six hours in the past it was 6 o’clock and sunny. In its place there be was a full moon and a grey light outside. Marc walked at such a slow pace things seemed to drag on everlastingly. There were times in his saunter that his vision would black out and he just lost his balance and swayed until he got to the nearest tree. That would really get his adrenaline running making him breathe too deeply to stay calm enough to walk forward towards camp. At one point, he nearly had a panic attack. That made him even more scared but he had to swallow his fear or he would just have a repeat panic attack. He staggered through the forest back to camp and nearly fell several times. Something inside his chest really hurt and it hurt even more to touch just the skin. The thing that attacked him had to have done a number on him.

“Still what attacked and why would it just leave? Without doubt, if it were an animal, it would stay for the kill right?”   Flickers of firelight flashed between the leaves of the thinning forest Marc neared the camp. His friends were enjoying themselves acting as stupid as he would if he hadn’t gone to get a little extra timber for the fire the one thing about camping that sucked. Somehow, he made it through the not so dense forest to get into camp. He hadn’t realized that the walk took him about 45 minutes; he noticed that he was starting to feel better and stronger.

As Marc walked slowly over to the camp, his friend noticed him and tried to include him.

“Marc, what the heck took you so long getting the firewood? The thing is almost dead” Max shouted before he had the chance to see Marc completely in the light. Max was still laughing at a just told joke, his face suddenly changed at the sight of blood. “And so are you”.

The End

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