the woes of finding true love

On 1st November 1943 a little boy was born under a tree on a farm in the west coast of Ireland.  His parents were devout Catholics and already had one daughter.  They went onto having 11 more children in the space of 12 years.  As you can imagine the farmhouse soon became very crowded with lots of children running in and out.


The boy being the eldest Catholic boy in the family was sent to a Seminary in Dublin.  Here he was trained to become a priest.  He had to take a vow of silence and sleep on a straw bed along with 10 other boys in the same dorm.  He soon realised this wasn’t the life for him and so decided to apply to study, in England.


After years of negotiations with his father and the high priests he was allowed to travel to England. Once in London he had nowhere to go so he slept on the streets, begging for food from passers by.  He managed to enrol in a college.  He was a studious man and earned many degrees in physiology, religion and social work.  He chose to follow the path of social work and went on the study more.


It was here that he first spotted a lovely woman on the steps of the training college.  He thought to himself I am going to marry her one-day.





On 9th June 1943 a little girl was born to a happy couple on west coast of England.  Her mother was delighted, as sadly she had already had a stillborn child.  Her father was often away at sea.  He was a sailor.  During the 2nd world war her fathers ship was captured and sunk on the bank of the River Plate.  Luckily he survived and was able to return home to his small family.


The girl had a happy childhood; she went to school where her mother taught as art teacher.  She loved going to the Anglican Church and was a member of the church choir.


After school she decided she wanted to study nursing, this didn’t last long as she afraid of needles.  She then went on to become a French teacher, she lasted in this profession for about a year as she wasn’t much good at controlling the children.  Eventually she decided to follow the path of social work, this is where she saw a man on the first day of training and thought aha he’d make a good husband.


Yes you’ve guessed it the man and women found each other, but sadly it was not to be.  The girl’s parents were against her marrying a Catholic so they went there separate ways.

The End

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