Infinity Coil

When Bane awoke, Malick was standing over him. His head was lying against a fluffy pillow. Malick's long, white beard hung down and touched Bane's nose. It tickled him slightly. Suddenly, a sharp pain wrenched through the side of his left leg. He flinched in pain and cluched his wounded leg. The pain was unthinkable and too sudden to take. He was overwhelmed by the lack of comfort that reigned over him. There were bandages wrapped around the gash left from the Harpy. And there was also a slight pain ache in the back of his neck, but that he could ignore. But he soon found himself clutching at his face and he was screaming with pain. "AHHH!"

Malick pressed his hands together as if he was praying. The blood-curtling scream ceased. So did Malick's praying.

"I've already tried to remove your wounds, but I only managed the one on your neck. The other two are too large," said Malick.

"Oh, well that's... that's okay." Bane groaned. "But why does my face hurt so much?"

"See for yourself." Malick lifted up a small mirror of a strangely complex design. The reflection showed a disturbing sight. There were three long, bloody scraches stretched across his face, running from his temple to the on the right, to the corner of his mouth on the left. They were a deep scarlet colour, not wide, but long and slender. The crimson cuts burned against his skin.

"Here, I don't want you to leave your bed this morning so I brought this for you." Malick handed Bane a large book. On the front in wreathing gold letters, it read: Ancient Runes.

"Thanks," said Bane gratefully. Malick smiled and left the bedside, closing the door as he left the room. Bane stared at the book. There was also a picture on the front. It was that of a blue shining jewel, centered in the middle of entertwining sticks. It was beautiful. Below it, it said in small print: Infinity Coil.

"What's this?" Bane turned the pages. He stopped. There were velvet words inscribed in Runic. 'Necros Magic'. It was a mix of white and black magic. He flipped through the pages again, this time stopping when he saw bold print saying The Infinity Coil. Bane began reading and saying things aloud.

"The Infinity Coil was said to be created by twelve magicians by Necros magic. It is told that the Infinity Coil may render the wearer incapable of death and or harm..." his voice trailed off.

A deity that could give immortality? How could anyone really want to obtain such a thing? Imagine immortality. Watching all your closest friends die and fall to the ground, screaming in pain while you stay alive for the rest of your life. You'd be living a sorrowful, lonely life forever. That is... until you take the thing off.

The End

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