Sweet Dreams

The thought of never being able to descend from the spot where he was hung in middair, Bane was also infuriated at the fact that the Harpies were coming. "Okay, calm down and do the spell." Bane said to himself. He breathed in deeply, and then soothingly exhaled. "Magic from the rifts in space, distort me to another place!"

Nothing happened. Outside, the moon shone its bluish white light on the horizon of a hill, and then rose above it to cast its luminosity on everything in its wake. There was a creak at the foot of the stairs about seventeen meters away from Bane. The door on the wall beside it creaked again. The locks on the door came loose and fell to the ground below. The doorknob turned one way, then the other. And then it opened. Three dark humans with wings and talons walked through the door. They cowered in the shadows until they regained their insinctive courage, and walked toward Bane. Harpies. They had claws for hands and talons of a hawk on their feet. Brown fur grew up their calves and stopped at their knees. The Harpies looked fearsome. And yet Bane was stuck by an unconditional amount of awe. Their dark coloured feathered wings swept across the granite floor. The awkward breed of eagle and human had spiky purple hair and they wore glinting breastplates and cloth that hung from their birdlike waists. It was a nightmare. The creatures were a horrible, nasty combo of an hawk, and female humans. They had very peculiar eyes. Eyes that darted across the room and that reflected the souls they had seen. Eyes full of unquestionnable hate. But still, eyes of loneliness and sorrow.

The creatures slowly advanced toward Bane. But then he realized that these weren't ordinary Harpies... they were Witchbound Harpies. A nasty combonationof a Human, a Witch, and a hawk. As one of the three Harpies advanced, its hands glowing with a mix of green and a blue shining aura. It screeched loudly. "GYAOOOOHHHH!"

It sounded as if there were twenty fingernails scratching on a school blackboard, only, it was more metallic and echoed in the sound rebounding room.

"Malick?! Malick help me!"

The Witchbound Harpy sent its spell at Bane. The orb zipped toward Bane at high speed, sending papers around it flying in mid flight. "Power from the rifts in space, distort me to another place!" Bane yelled helplessly. Once again there were no results. The spell collided with Bane and sent him flying. As soon as he crashed into the wall behind him, he was once again lifted and turned upside down in the air. The two other Harpies stepped forward. Their orders were to clean up and guard the house from anyone who wasn't Malick. They were fulfilling their task in a painful manner. The trio screeched, all in unison.


The terrible sound overwhelmed Bane greatly, almost knocking him out. It did send him crashing into the chandelier and then taking his original place in midair. Bane touched his shoulder. He was bleeding. There was also a deep gash in his left leg. The Harpies each sent another spell at him knocking him aside. One of them jumped into the air and flew toward him. When it was right in front of him, it raked its talons across his face. He tried to scream in agony, but he couldn't even find the strength to do that. Then, the world blurred before his eyes and spun around. "Power from th... power from... power..." Bane's vision became so bad, that all he could see were four figures. Three deadly Harpies and someone with a beard. There was a red flash that burst out of the fourth figure's hand. and hit the Harpy that was on Bane directly in the back. The Harpy collapsed. Then, the world was swimming before Bane's eyes, and his vision faded into only smears of fast moving blurs, until finally, his consciousness faded into oblivion.

The End

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