Predicaments Arise

The flames clashed with the protective shield with a purple flurry of fire and crackled loudly. A purple pulse of fire waved out off the barrier on the impact. The Coma Veil began to shimmer like a hologram. "Do not lose focus!" yelled Malick sternly.

More fireballs burst into life from Malick's palms and were just as quickly released from them, aimed at the shimmering obstruction. Bane regained focus and blocked the next four purple fireballs with ease. The blue barricade was slowly chipping away at Bane's flow of energy. He would soon have to severe the powerful flow of intricate magic. If he didn't, he would be risking his life.

The next flurry of fire soared through the air. Strong heat emanated from the source of fire that dlew through the warm room, directed at Bane. This time, Bane released the flow of magic. Just upon the time when he was about to be hit, Bane re-did the incantation. Just as he did this, the fireballs bounced off the Coma Veil, and returned to its caster. Malick dodged out of the way and stopped.

"I was waiting for that!" he exclaimed.

"The spell was pretty easy to do," said Bane happily.

Malick walked toward Bane. As he did, he muttered an incantation under his breath, pointing at Bane. Suddenly, Bane was lifted into the air and turned upside down, bound by an invisible chain.

"Hey! What's the big idea here!" yelled Bane furiously.

"I think it is already self-explanatory," said Malick calmly.

"Meaning... what?" asked Bane with his eyebrow arched upward.

"Your ignorance amuses me not. Arrogance is the key to a devastating loss." Said Malick.

"Don't speak in riddles, Malick! I'm not as old as you are! You must explain in further detail," shouted Bane.

"Your arrogance has overcome you once more! Cockiness is different from celebrating success."

"I--what? I am not arrogant! What can I do to prove this to you?"

"Only by doing the undo-able shall you then prevail to your true valiance and humility."

And on that riddle, he vanished with a puff of green smoke. "Oh, try the Distortion spell." Bane heard faintly.

Great! Now I have a huge predicament! I've never been able to do the Distortion spell properly! thought Bane.

Bane looked at the clock. It was eleven-fifty nine PM. Then, the clock struck twelve. The time when the Harpies come to clean up.

Great, thought Bane. And the predicaments arise.

The End

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