The Wizard's Apprentice

Bane walked alongside his magic teacher, Malick. They were walking through a narrow hallway, lined by rows of bookshelves. They were cluttered with endless weighty spellbooks, dust roused crystal balls, ancient maps and scrolls, and multi-coloured potions. You know, all the regular homely, stable contents of an everyday Wizard home. A thick silence consumed Bane and Malick, a swirl of thought speech lazily being exchanged between minds.

"You are becoming arrogant, Bane," Malick was saying in thought.

"I am not arrogant!" exclaimed Bane angrily.

""Denial only increases the obviousness of your conceit. Do not hide it; in your pathetic attempts, you seem foolish."

"For the last time I'm not conceited!"  yelled Bane.

"Superciliousness has never been a useful quality in Wizardry. It may prove as a weakness," said Malick outloud.

"I AM NOT ARROGAN--" Bane's rage was overwhelmed by Malick.

"You shall not speak to me in that manner! You are my Apprentice! I answer to no one! Either you speak to me as your master, or you shan't speak at all!" Malick exclaimed.

With the whip of his finger, a purple wave swirled and touched onto Bane's mouth. Just as Bane opened his mouth to talk, he realized his tongue was literally knotted. Two black, poisonous snakes slithered in his mouth, attached to his tongue.

"I SOWWY--I..." Bane was saying in broken language. The knots in his tongue stopped him from properly enunciating certain syllables like rolling his tongue.

"Very well..." Malick snapped his fingers, and Bane's tongue was returned to its regular state.

"I was just saying that the lesson would be simple today! I wasn't arrogant!" Bane snapped. He caught the watchful eye of his master and silenced himself.

"You think today's lesson shall be simple? We are learning the Coma Veil Spell! A Protective charm such as that one shan't be easy to learn, for it is a level three spell... and you, Bane, are only a level two. So pipe down!"

For the rest of the three minute walk, there was a span of temperate quiet; no exchange of thoughts, no overall disturbances. Bane flicked his fingers and created coloured sparks that upon reaching an inch from the ground, would burn out. As the two approached the diamond room where Bane would take his lessons. Malick waved his hand and the candlesticks taking residence on a nearby desk burned out. The room became dark. It smelled of burnt incense. An eerie light emanated from Bane's index fingertip, pulsing outward and creating moderate waves of bright shot light.

"Now. The Coma Veil is a useful Protective charm in ranged magic battles. It also walls off mind wrestling and thought speech. All you do is say: Forces, protect me. And focus on the words Coma Veil while doing this motion." Malick closed his eyes and touched his fingertips together to make a steepled arch pointing at himself. He then took his right hand and created an invisible arc above himself. "Try it."

"Forces, protect me," Bane said calmly while imitating the proper motions and actions.

A column of swirling blue light twirled down ad spun around Bane, pulsating its magical energy out across the room. Malick flicked out his hands and held them open. Purple fire formed in Malick's hands. He pushed his palms out. The fireballs flew through the air toward Bane. "Uh-oh," Bane muttered.

The End

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