the Delivery and Tom's story

The remainder of the night was spent celebrating and the morning was spent sleeping. At around noon the four travelers remembered that they still needed to get the money to Stacy if it was to be valid. Dorothy barely remembered to comb her hair and put it into its blue ribbons, she had been looking forward to making breakfast but it seemed that she wouldn't get that chance. They raced out of Harold's house and into a taxi cab. The ride seemed very long despite the fact the Tom and John were asking the cabbie to go faster almost the whole way. When they reached thier destination the odd group hurried into the Empire State Building as it towered into the now clear blue sky. Up the elevator they went and as they toppled out of the thick metal doors into the wizard's office they found Stacy pacing infront of her desk. The petite woman jumped back in surprise at thier sudden approach, causing her light brown hair to go flying out of place and her glasses to dive off her nose only to be saved by the delicate gold chain around her neck. John dusted himself off and clumsily walked over to meet Stacy. "You came!" She gasped. "I'm so glad, I thought that you had forgotten!"

            John rubbed the back of his neck in his embarresment, "We kind of slept in." He chuckled.

            Dorothy, Tom and Harold had positioned themselves on the couch of the waiting room with a bowl of popcorn perched on Tom's lap. "What did you bring the popcorn for again?" Whispered Dorothy.

            "I figured that if we're going to be watching these two we might as well have the comforts of home, I mean, they're better than my soaps!" He whispered back through a mouthful of popcorn.

            Tom and Stacy continued to talk, niether of them noticing that they had an audience. Tom fished the envelope out of his jacket and presented it to stacy. Her eyes lit up as she recognized it and as she turned it over in her slender fingers the look of astonishment and happiness on her face made the four travelers feel that it was all worth while. "How in the world did you get this?" she asked John.

            "Well I told you that I wouldn't let this company sink. It was really hard but I managed to get it." John stated with a charming smile on his lips.

            "You got it all by yourself? You are so amazing!" exclaimed Stacy as she clutched the envelope to her chest in delight.

            "Yeah I sure di-" John's sentence was cut off as Tom threw a peice of popcorn and hit him in the back of the head. "Well I had bit of help from my friends." He said apologetically.

            Tom threw another piece of popcorn at John's head. "Okay, alot of help." he added grudgingly.

            Stacy giggled and threw her arms around John, dirt and all. "Thank you so much! She cried happily.

            "N-no problem, a-anytime." Stuttered John as he flushed pink.

            Tom leaned over to Dorothy. "See, what did I tell you? Better than my soaps." He whispered with a chuckle.

            Stacy skipped over to her desk to report that the money had been found. As she sat down in her large office chair and straightened her glasses it was clear that she was back to buissness. "I can't thank you enough! I will scedule you in with the wizard as soon as possible. He gets back from a buissness conference tomorrow, is that good for you?" She asked while flipping through a pocket calendar.

            "It sounds great." Answered John.

            "Great! I will see you at three o'clock tomorrow afternoon." She scribbled something down in the pocket calendar before looking up at John. "Erm, would you like to schedule another appointment?"

            "No, sorry. This is sort of a one time thing." He answered.

            "Oh, thats too bad." murmured Stacy dissapointedly.

            "Yeah... I guess we will see you tomorrow then." John responded.

            "Okay, I'll see you then." Stacy smiled and gave John a slip of paper with the time and a smiley face on it. "So you don't forget."

            "Thanks." John smiled back at her and headed for the elevator.

            Dorothy, Tom and Harold followed him. Once they were in the elevator Tom started repeatedly throwing popcorn at John's head. "You just left it like that!? Talk about a bad way to end a meeting, I mean, who writes this stuff!?" He ranted "You should have said something! Anything would have been better than 'Yeah... I guess we will see you tomorrow then.'" Tom mimicked him in a voice that sounded nothing like John at all.

            As they walked through the lobby of the Empire State Building Tom continued to rant and throw popcorn at John's head. When he ran out of popcorn he proceeded to make dramatic hand gestures and other motions that only a performer can pull off. When Dorothy exited the giant building she could see clouds forming above her head. She worried that the sky might drop the rain on them like it had forgotten to the day before, this was a great concern to Dorothy for she didn't have any rain gear. Until now no one had noticed Harold but when Dorothy patted his thinning hair-do back into place he must have looked alot more like himself because they were instantly swarmed by more reporters and fans. "Not again!" cried Dorothy as they ran to avoid another encounter with the media.

            They ran through back streets and alleys, around corners and over hills with Tom chasting John about how a good soap opera plot should flow they whole way. Dorothy's pigtails flew behind her and Toto, who had been sleeping in her bag for quite some time, jumped out to run beside her. When they finally stopped running Harold plopped down on a street bench panting heavily and Tom's rant had become broken up by wheezes for it is not easy to run when you are encased in metal. John shot irritated glances at Tom while wiping his dirty brow. Even Toto was completely worn out. Dorothy on the other hand was quite energized from the run and was not tired at all. In Kansas the prairies are so wide and open that you can run straight out for miles, which is what Dorothy had done many times. She ran circles around her companions and then attempted to climb the crumbling brick wall behind them. Everyone was too tired to stop her so Dorothy clambered up the potmarked red and brown brick and sat on top of it. between skyscrapers and smaller butildings she could see the Empire State Building and the endless streets filled to the brim with cars. When she glanced over her shoulder towards the parking lot behind her she nearly fell off the wall because of what she saw.

            A huge multicolored tent stood surrounded by various trailers and smaller tents rose up from the middle of the huge parking lot. Balloons rose from it and the brightly colored flags sticking up from the top of the huge tent flapped in the wind. As Dorothy gazed at the marvel she saw tiny figures moving around. She squinted her eyes to try and see them more clearly but the huge tent kept distracting her. "You guys have got to see this!" She called to her friends. "It's amazing!"

            Tom was the first to get up. "What is all the commotion for Dorothy?" he asked.

            "There is something amazing over there!" She called down to him while pointing to the extrodinary tent.

            "Well then I guess I better go and see." He responded while idling over to the brick wall on which Dorothy was perched.

            John pulled himself up off of the curb next. "What exactly is so amazing?" He asked.

            Dorothy struggled to explain what she saw. "It's sort of like a festival but not really. It is huge though! The people there are just like little dots compared to the giant tent."

            Tom noticed Harold's ears perk up as John tried to make sense of her description. "Do you have any idea what she is talking about Harold?" asked Tom, who had no idea what Dorothy was trying to describe.

            "W-well you said there was a t-tent? I heard that the c-circus that was supposed to be arriving today w-would be based in a large tent in a secret location." Stammered Harold. "I-I may be wrong..."

            Tom's eyes widened at Harold's mention of a circus and he immeadeatly rushed to try and climb the wall. "Lemme up! I need ta see this!" The Tin Man exclaimed as he tried in vain to get up the wall in his metal shell. "Johnny-boy! Git o'er here, I needa lift!" His southern drawl emerging due to his exitement.

            "I told you not to call me that..." Mumbled John as he ambled slowly over to the place where Tom was standing impatiently.

            As soon as he reached the wall John was shocked by Tom's sudden acent to his shoulders in a few leaps, despite his stiff metal coating. As he clambered onto the top of the old wall next to Dorothy, Tom finally got to see what she was talking about. His eyes bulged at the sight of the humungus circus tent and he couldn't do anything but stare at the brightly colored marvel. "So what do you see?" asked John as he rubbed his shoulder.

            "It's... It's..." blubbered Tom, "It's fantastic!"

            "That's even more vauge than Dorothy's description, how about what kind of building it is." Replied John irritably.

            "It's the Cirque du Fantastic!" cried Tom, "The place of every performers dreams!"

            Dorothy looked at her companions quizzically. "Circus? What is that?" she asked.

            Tom returned her look with an eaqually confused one. "You've never heard of the circus!?" he excalimed.

            She had lived in such a remote part of Kansas that even when a circus came, Dorothy would have to travel at least six hours to get to it. Therefore the closest thing to a circus she had ever seen was the performers in the park that John had showed her and small streets shows put on by farm town locals at the market. "You have no idea what you've been missing! We need to get this girl to that circus as soon as possible!" shouted an exasperated Tom.

            John sighed as Tom urged him over to the wall. He had a sinking feeling that this going to involve alot more of Tom's antics than he wanted to expirience. They hauled a protesting Harold over the wall and onto the sparse grass at its bottom, he landed gracelessly on his side. Tom came next, landing quietly with a soft creak of his metal joints. Dorothy fell into his outstretched arms, followed by John who landed quite hard on his rear. As the travellers dusted themselves off Tom started to inform them of the marvel that was the Cirque du Fantastic. "It's the world's greatest circus, complete with over fifty unique acts and attractions. Only the best of the best can perform there!" They started to walk across the feild. "It's so famous that whenver they come to a town they keep the location a secret to make sure that the tent doesn't fill up too fast. The whole city finds out eventually though." he added with a shrug.

            "It sounds incredible!" gasped Dorothy.

            "It most definetly is." agreed Tom as a high and mighty expression spread across his face. "In fact, Cirque du Fantastic was what inspired me to become a performer!"

            Dorothy gazed up at him expectantly, prepared for one of Tom's exciting tales. "I was but a lad when I first went to see a show at Cirque du Fantastic..." Tom began to tell his story and John sighed in response. "When I saw the performers swinging from the ceiling and walking on thier hands I knew immeadeatly that I wanted to be performer and that someday I would be up there on the stage of Cirque du Fantastic with them!" He put one arm around Dorothy's small shoulders and used the other to make a dramatic sweeping motion through the air in front of her face. "Thousands of people in the stands, clapping and cheering, for me. That, my dear Dorothy, is my dream." Tom finished his story by standing up straight with his hands on his hips and looking dramatically off into the middle distance.

            Harold and Dorothy were looking at Tom with admiration shining in thier eyes, John looked at Tom and just rolled his eyes. "That' so amazing!" exclaimed Dorothy.

            "Thats a r-really interesting story!" added Harold.

            "A bit overdramatic if you ask me." muttered John.

The End

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