the melting of the Wicked PoliceWoman of the West

The courtroom door creaked open as Dorothy slipped into the huge room. At first no one noticed the little girl tip-toeing down the crimson carpet in the center isle between the rows of shining dark wood benches clutching a slip of paper to her chest. She could see the tight grey bun on the back of the Wicked Police woman's head and her friend the Cowardly Lawyer sitting across the isle from her. Right before she was near enough to call to Harold someone shouted "Hey! What is that girl doing here?" causing Dorothy to trip on a bump in the rug. As she fell her arm hit the briefcase that was perched on the edge of the Wicked Police Woman's table. The case collided with the ground and all of the clips and locks popped open, its contents spread out over the floor.The isle was littered with many different documents, Bob stepped out from behind his table and picked one of them up. A look of confusion spread across his face as he examined the piece of paper. "That's classified!" Screeched the Wicked police woman as she jumped up from her chair and tried to gather the documents into her bony arms.

            "No... it's the payment for my traffic ticket from last week. The one that I apperently didn't pay." gasped Bob

            People began to emerge from the stands and pick of pieces of paper from the floor. "Stop it! Those are confidential documents!" Howled the Wicked Police Woman of the West.

            "Hey, this is the bill that you said I skipped out on." Said one man.

            "This is the ticket that I had to pay for twice because the payment didn't go through properly, or so you said." stated another woman.

            The complaints of the people grew like a wave that was about to break and come crashing down on the Wicked police woman. Dorothy sat up and grabbed an envelope from the ground in front of her. On the front in neat handwriting it read:"Wizard weight loss utility payment." It took a few moments for the facts to come together in her head but it was then that Dorothy realized that in one fell swoop they could get rid of the Wicked Police Woman of the West, save the company, find the wizard and help Bob. She grabbed an armful of documents before jumping up and sprinting to the table where a dumbstruck Harold was sitting. "This is your chance! These papers are the key to taking down the Wicked Police Woman!" shouted Dorothy as she let the papers fall onto the table. "All you need to do is present the evidence!"

            The judge was banging his mallet and yelling for order to be restored, as Dorothy ran out of the room all she could do was hope that Harold could find the courage to stand up to the Wicked Police Woman of the West. She shut the door behind her, stopping the flow of chaos from the courtroom that was spilling out into the hallway. Dorothy brushed a strand of hair from her face and went to sit back down on the bench beside her wide eyed companions. "What did you do in there?" Asked a very suspicious John.

            Dorothy looked at him and tried to think of a way to explain what had happened. Tom put his hand on John's shoulder, "Some things are better left unknown." The Tin Man told him as he winked at Dorothy.

            The tense minutes of silence that the three friends spent waiting outside the courtroom felt like hours to Dorothy. She swore that she was about to go insane just before Harold and Bob burst into the hallway. "We did it!" Exclaimed the cowardly lawyer.

            Dorothy jumped up and took his large hands in hers, "That's wonderful! How did you manage to win the case?" she asked.

            Bob then jumped in and told them of how Harolds bravery allowed them to win not only his case but all of the cases against the Wicked Police Woman of the West. Harold blushed with embaressment and tried to insist that it was nothing but the crowds of reporters that had him surrounded in seconds begged to differ. "The man that won the case that was said to be un-winable! The most amazing lawyer ever!" They cheered.

            "How did you do it? Can we get an exclusive interveiw later? Who was that girl in the courtroom?" The questions we shot at Harold faster than bullets.

            Before he could begin to answer one question Harold was swamped with five more. Just as the cameras and microphones were about to engulf the small travelling party Harold stood up straight and for the first time that Dorothy had ever seen he wore an expression of confidence. "I was merely doing my job. An interview is quite alright, I am free on friday. The girl in the courtroom was my good friend Dorothy, she was merely delivering a case update to me. If anyone else has more questions you may call me." He then whipped out a buissness card from his jacket and held it out to the throng, who immeadeatly pounced on it. "Now if you excuse me I need to attend to some buissness." With that Harold swept his dumbstruck friends out of the courthouse and into a waiting taxi cab.

            As usual Tom was the first one to break the silence. "What in the world was that?" He burst out.

            Harold let out a long breath. "I-I was so nervous that I forgot about all of my fears and I even forgot t-to stutter!" He exclaimed joyfully.

            This response got Harold a strange look from his companions. "Well I guess this is what they mean when they say that someone 'performs well under pressure'." Muttered Tom.

            Then Harold explained that Dorothy was really the one that saved the case. If she hadn't knocked over the Wicked Police Woman's case the documents would never have been exposed to the public and Harold wouldn't have been able to win his case. He sheepishly confessed that the loophole in all of the Wicked Police Woman's claims was false and that if Dorothy hadn't showed up Bob would have been done for. Bob wouldn't let Harold give away all of the credit though, he wouldn't stop talking about Harold's great performance during the court session. "He was so great! The bravery he showed when he stood up the that evil woman, it was amazing!" Gushed Bob. "You were being much too modest back when we met. You are clearly the best person I could have chosen!"

            Bob didn't stop talking and thanking Harold until he was dropped off at his flat. The cab ride to Harold's home was a short and energized one, the cowardly lawyer's success had them all filled with joy. Upon arriving at his home, Harold found his answering machine and e-mailbox chock full of requests for interviews and job opportuinities. While Harold speechlessly scanned his messages Dorothy had wandered into his living room where she found a huge black window on the wall. There were many buttons on its frame and as the little farm girl, who had never seen a flat screen TV before, pushed one of them the window lit up. She jumped back in surprise as the image of a man sitting at a table appeared on the screen. "In today's news, a new hero has appeared in the justice system of New York." Said the man in a deep voice.

            A picture of Harold flashed onto the screen as John, Tom and Harold walked in. "This man has been declared 'The Greatest Lawyer of All Time' by witnesses of today's case. He freed many people from charges pressed by the Wicked Police Woman of the West, all in one court session! Details at ten thirty." Reported the man on the televison.

            Harold looked like he was about to faint when he heard the news. "M-me? Do people really want me?" He thought aloud.

            "Of course they want you!" bellowed Tom. "You are The Greatest Lawyer of All Time after all!"

            Because of his shocked state Harold let a small envelope slip from his hand. Dorothy picked it up and examined it. On the front in neat handwriting it read 'Wizard Weight loss Utility payment.' "Oh! I-I meant to give this to John." Gasped Harold as he broke out of his trance.

            With great care Dorothy presented the envelope to John who stared at it in awe. "Is this what I think it is?" He asked, still staring at the envelope.

            Dorothy and Harold nodded while Tom sat on the couch looking confused. "So this means that..." He breathed the words without finishing.

            Dorothy and Harold nodded again and Tom jumped up from the couch looking even more confused. "What does it mean? What does that envelope say? Why do y'all keep nodding like that!?" He asked

            John showed the envelope to him. "It means that the company is saved!" He yelled.

The End

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