the Cowardly Lawyer's case

The four companions sat on a bench outside the Empire State Building, John had his head in his hands. "What have I done?" He moaned. "I'll never be able to save that company and I'm going to look like a fool!"

            "Don't worry, It'll work out somehow." Dorothy was trying her best to console John but it didn't seem to be working. "Maybe if we go and find the Wicked Police Woman of the West we can convince her to drop the charges."

            "It's no use, she's pure evil I tell you." Moaned John

            "It'll do a lot more than sitting around here feeling sorry for ourselves will!" Chasted Tom as he jumped up from the bench. "That lady in there is counting on you! You need to do something!"

            Dorothy and Tom pulled John up from the bench and proceeded to practically drag him down the sidewalk. The sun had disappeared behind a thick layer of clouds and the threat of rain was forcing the people of New York indoors. As they trudged down the dark street they came upon a man sitting on the side of the street looking almost as distraught as John. He looked up as they approached and was about to return to sulking when he saw Harold trailing behind Tom, Dorothy and John. The man jumped up and ran to Harold. "Are you a lawyer? Please say that you are!" He cried.

            "Y-yes I am a lawyer, m-my name is Ha-" Before Harold could finish his scentence the desperate man flung himself at his feet.

            "Please help me! My name is Bob and I need a lawyer for this afternoon, I don't care who you are! Just help me please!" he begged.

            "I-I don't think you want me as your lawyer, I a-am pretty much the worst choice." Sputtered a shocked Harold.

            The desperate man looked up at Harold. "I don't really care as long as you will help me! You see, no other lawyer will work for me, the odds against me are a million to one!"

            Harold didn't want to disappoint the poor man and when he saw the despair in his eyes he couldn't help but feel sorry for him. "A-alright, but I can almost assure you that I am not the right person to ask."

            Bob instantly jumped up and started to shake Harold's hand. "Thank you sir! Thank you so much!"

            After Harold was thanked a thousand times over Bob recited his story to them. He had been summoned to court that afternoon by the Wicked Police Woman of the West. She had millions of crimes against him that ranged from parking tickets to a citation for looking at her funny. He needed a miracle to stop him from getting sent to jail for life and no lawyer wanted to risk taking his case. He had been about to give up before Harold came along. The trial started in two and a half hours and like Bob had said before, he needed a miracle. As they entered Bob's flat he offered to let Dorothy, Tom and the still distraught John stay while he and Harold formulated a strategy and through the trial as well.

            While Harold and Bob went into Bob's study to discuss the non-existant evidence supporting his case Dorothy went straight to the kitchen to bake a snack and prepare for dinner. John had stopped moaning and had decided to just sit on the couch and mumble to himself. Tom was helping Dorothy bake blueberry muffins and as they waited for them to cook the two conversed in hushed tones so John wouldn't hear. "What do you think is wrong with him?" whispered Dorothy

            "Oh it's something that happens to everyone, you do something colasally stupid and then you suffer for it." Responded Tom in a whisper.

            "But what John did wasn't stupid, it was brave!" Countered Dorothy. "I wonder how we can help him?"

            "I don't have a clue." Answered Tom as he admired a drawer handle that was the same metallic color as himself. "But the one thing I do know is that you can help the poor guy."

            "Me? Why in the world would you say that?" Asked Dorothy as she leaned against the charcoal colored counter next to the shiny new stove.

            "No idea, you just seem to have that kind of effect on people. You are a very good kid." Tom smiled at Dorothy and the timer for the blueberry muffins rang, leaving her with no room to say anything else.

            Dorothy strolled into the part of the flat in which John was moping with a plate of muffins in her hands. "Would you like a snack?" she asked.

            John looked up at her and smiled, he could see that she was worried about him and was sorry for upsetting the little girl. "Yes, thank you." He said as he grabbed a delicious looking muffin off the plate.

            Dorothy sat down beside him and smiled as he marveled at her cooking skills. John looked like he was about to say something when Harold and Bob burst out of the office. "W-we've got it!" Announced Harold.


            Tom had insisted that he John and Dorothy wait at the courthouse while the trial was in session, so the five people sat jammed into a taxi cab together on their way to the courthouse. Harold kept talking about how he had come across a loophole in all of the Wicked Police Woman's charges and was holding tightly to a piece of paper that apperently held all the answers. Their departure had been so sudden that Dorothy was still holding the plate of blueberry muffins when they arrived at their destination. As they spilled out of the taxi cab Dorothy could see that the storm clouds had turned an alarming grey and that some of the commuters were carrying umbrellas and had turned the collars of their coats up. Once they were inside the courthouse Dorothy marveled at the hugeness of it all, it seemed to her that New York City must have been built for giants because everything was so very big.

            She, Tom and John, who was no longer in such a desperate mood thanks to Dorothy, were told to sit on a bench outside the courtroom where the trial would take place. Just as he was about to enter the courtroom Harold dropped his briefcase full of papers all over the floor, Dorothy helped him pick them up and saw Bob and Harold into the courtroom with a smile. The doors closed and the suspense draped itself over the three companions like a blanket. John and Tom both wore very sober expressions, Dorothy figured that was the custom for when someone is inside a courthouse so she tried to look serious as well. After a few minutes she could hardly stay still so she opened up her bag and found Toto asleep inside it. He woke up at the sound of her voice calling him softly and the little dog jumped out of the bag and onto the ground. He scurried around Dorothy's feet and hid under the bench. It made Tom chuckle to see Dorothy down on her knees trying to coax Toto out from under the bench.

            Suddenly Dorothy let out a gasp. Under the bench with Toto sat the important piece of paper that Harold had been clutching earlier. She pulled it out and dusted it off. Dorothy saw her own horrified look reflected in the faces of her friends, it was at that moment that she made the decision to bring the piece of paper to Harold no matter what. Now this may seem like a very stupid idea to you, to barge into a court session just to bring someone a piece of paper but to Dorothy it seemed perfectly logical because as a fact, Dorothy was not very bright.

The End

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