the Empire State Building

When Dorothy and Harold awoke, they too couldn't help but marvel in the sheer splendor of the Empire State Building. It stretched high up into the sky and Dorothy found that even when she tilted her head all the way back she could not see the top of it. The unlikely companions walked up to the marvelous building together and as they entered they were filled with an even greater sense of wonder. As they entered a metal chamber that Harold called an elevator Dorothy could hardly believe that she had really made it to the wonderous building and that soon she would be back in Kansas. As the box rose higher and higher the feelings of joy, nervousness and awe inflated inside of Dorothy just like a balloon. "What will the wizard be like?" she wondered aloud.

            "Maybe he will be a great man who will tower above us all." Suggested Harold.

            "Maybe he will be an incredible performer that will swing down from his throne to meet us." Proposed Tom.

            "Maybe he will be a very successful buissness owner that has all the money in the world." Queried John.

            "Maybe he will have a long white beard and a flowing velvet robe as well as a magic wand." Added Dorothy.

            As the elevator reached its destination the anticipation in the four travellers was almost unbearable, but as the heavy steel doors opened all of thier hopes were shattered. There, standing in the front office of the Wizard screeching at his secretary with a voice like sandpaper, was the Wicked Police Woman of the West. Dorothy gasped in fear as Tom and John scrambled to hide behind some office plants. Harold paled too as he and Dorothy stepped stiffly into the waiting area of the office. "If those payments aren't in by tomorrow then this place will be closed for good! You here hear me?" Shouted the police woman.

            "I've told you a hundred times, we payed the bills for this month last week! I put the check into the mail myself!" Retorted the Secretary.

            The secretary sitting behind the desk was a rather frail looking woman, a mop of short brown hair framed her pale face and the small oval glasses that sat precariously perched on the bridge of her nose were attached to a delicate gold chain. Her well starched teal jacket was covered in lace and embroidered flowers. She looked like she could be blown over by the slightest breeze but as she opened her well glossed lips and hissed out objections to the Wicked Police Woman's threats the look in her pale hazel eyes told a much different story. "Now in case you haven't noticed we have customers so if you wouldn't mind showing yourself the door then please do!" she snapped in a high pitched voice that reminded Tom of the queen of the sewer rat's peculiar squeak.

            "This place will be gone by tomorrow if I don't get those payments! Don't forget it!" Screeched the Wicked Police Woman of the West as she stalked into the open elevator doors and dissapeared behind them.

            The tense mood in the room instantly lightened. Dorothy and Harold relaxed as John and Tom emerged from behind the office plants. The Secretary sighed and smoothed her short brown locks. "Sorry you had to see that, that woman can't be happy unless she's making someone else miserable." she muttered. "Now what can I help you with?"

            "We would like to see the Wizard please." Asked Dorothy politely as she stepped up to the counter.

            The secretary adjusted her glasses and looked apologetically at Dorothy "I'm so sorry but I'm afraid that you won't be able to see him until this matter is resolved. I can schedule you an appointment in..." Her thought trailed off as John walked up behind Dorothy rubbing the back of his head.

            "I think I hit my head on the wall when..." John looked up and into the eyes of the secretary. Forgetting his head he stuttered out a greeting. "H-hello miss, my name i-is John it's nice to meet you." He then bowed so low that he hit his forehead on the edge of the desk.

            "H-hi there, I'm Stacy. It's nice to meet you too." Then she stood up to her full hieght of five foot two, give or take a few inches that she was borrowing from her high heels, and held out her hand. John took it in his firm grip and they both flushed pink and laughed awkwardly.

            "So you have a problem with that woman police, I-I mean police woman?" stammered John as the secretary sat back down.

            "Yes, she keeps threatening to shut us down if we don't pay our bills but I swear that I paid them a week ago!" Huffed Stacy with despairation in her voice. "There is no more money left and if this place shuts down..." She looked around the cream colored waiting area. "I just don't know what I would do."

            She suddenly seemed to remember herself and straightened up in her chair, "Sorry, I really shouldn't be telling customers about our buisiness's problems. Now about that appointment, I'm not sure if we will be open much longer so I suggest you book soon."

            "How about tomorrow?" blurted John.

            "I'm sorry but the company will be facing a very large challenge tomorrow if I can't suddenly come up with a huge sum of money." Sighed Stacy "I could fit you in the day after if you are available, if we are still open that is."

            John thought for a moment, "What if the police woman dropped all the charges? Or if we found the cheque that got lost in the mail? Would you not have to shut down?" He asked.

            Stacy seemed very surprised by his question. "W-well I guess that If the money was found or if she dropped her charges against us we wouldn't have to worry about being closed down. But we all know that the Wicked Police Woman of the West would never drop her charges. But in theory yes." she answered.

            "In that case then I'll find that lost cheque for you, or make the police woman drop her charges if it comes to it." Announced John.

            Stacy looked genuinely shocked. "That's impos-"

            "Don't worry about a thing. I promise that I won't let this company sink." With that John turned and stepped into the elevator with his companions following behind him.

            "T-thank you!" Stacy called after him.

            Once the elevator had started its journey downwards Tom slapped John on the back. "That was amazing! I didn't know that you had it in you!" he congratulated him.

            Harold gave John a look of sheer admiration. "Y-you have got to be one of the bravest men I h-have ever met!" He exclaimed.

            Dorothy stood beaming up at him with her big brown eyes, "You are so nice! How in the world are you going to save the company though?" she asked.

            John exasperatedly took a breath. "Frankly, I don't have a clue."

The End

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