the Cowardly Lawyer

After packing everything up the three travelers set off towards the Empire State Building. It wasn't long before they were in the busy streets of New York, it seemed that the farther they went the taller the buildings got and the more people there seemed to be. Dorothy kept feeling the eyes of people on her, when she thought about it she realized that the three of them must be quite a sight. A man who looked like he was made out of metal, a dirty hobo and a little girl all walking non-chalantly through the streets of New York. She giggled at the idea but she could soon see that John and Tom were uncomfortable because of the attention. "Is there some kind of side road we can take?" she asked, not wanting them to feel bad because of the increasing number of people staring at them.

            "Good idea, I think that there is a short cut up here." Responded John, who was clearly relieved to be getting out of the crowds.

            "So you actually are good for something Johnny-boy!" Chuckled Tom as he good naturedly hit John in the back.

            "Would you please stop with that, my name is not 'Johnny-boy'." grumbled John.

            "Of course I will Johnny-b.... Mr. John, General John, Sir John, John-san, John McDirty pants, J-" Tom was abruptly cut off.

            "Just John is fine."

            "Alright, alright, I'm just playing with ya." Laughed Tom as he held his hands up in the sign for surrender.

            John rolled his eyes and Dorothy laughed as she watched the two grown men bickering like children. Even as they entered the dark alleyway the smile didn't fade from her face. After walking down the dark road for quite some time the three travelers came upon a man sitting in the alleyway with his head in his hands. He looked quite sad so Dorothy walked up to him to ask him what was wrong. "Excuse me sir, is something the matter?" she asked the strange man.

            Upon hearing Dorothy's voice the man jumped back in surprise. "W-w-w-who are y-you?" he asked in a very frightened voice.

            "I am Dorothy and these are my friends, John and Tom." Dorothy did a small curtsy as John and Tom waved awkwardly from the street, the man nodded shakily.

            He stood up slowly and dusted himself off. The man was very well dressed, in a suit and shiny black shoes. He was balding and a bit overweight, as he wrung his hands nervously in front of him his eyes darted back and forth. "M-m-m-my name i-is Harold, l-lawyer. Or at least I used t-to be... n-now I'm pretty sure that I'll n-never get a-another job ever again."

            "Why do you think that?" asked Dorothy.

            "W-well I totally fumbled my l-last case. I was too cowardly to even yell 'o-objection'. I'll never get another case a-again." Harold then dropped his head back into his hands.

            "Don't worry, just because you messed up on one case it doesn't mean that you won't ever get hired again." Dorothy tried her best to console the distraught Harold.

            He pulled up his head slowly and turned to look at Dorothy. "B-but that's just it! Its not j-just one case, it's every case I-I've ever had! I'm the w-worst lawyer in existence!"

            Suddenly Tom's face appeared over Harold's shoulder, "Now don't think like that! I'm sure that there are lawyers much worst that you out there!"

            Harold jumped at the sound of Tom's voice. "Y-you shouldn't scare people like that!" He stuttered.

            Tom ignored the remark "You should really stop that stuttering you know, its very unbecoming."

            "I-I can't help it, I-I'm just too cowardly. I've tried, I-I really h-have."

            Suddenly Dorothy had an idea. "I bet that the wizard could help you!"

            Harold looked at Dorothy with a confused expression. "W-wizard? What w-wizard?" he asked.

            "We are going to see the wizard, he is going to solve all of our problems! I just know that he could help you as well!" Dorothy then proceeded to tell him about her adventures in New York City and once she was finished the cowardly lawyer looked like he was ready to follow her anywhere.

            "Y-you are so brave! All of you are! I w-wish that I could be like you and f-face my fears so easily." Said Harold with a look of sheer amazement on his face.

            "We really didn't do anything that great you know." murmured John, who was feeling a bit strange being admired so much.

            "E-even so, it's so much more than i c-could ever do!" replied Harold.

            "Then lets get going!" said Tom who couldn't wait to find the wizard. "Um... by the way, does anybody know how to get out of here?"

The End

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