The Wizard of NYC

In this modern day fairy-tail young Dorothy gets whisked away from her life in Kansas and taken to New York City. There she meets a cast of crazy characters including John the hobo, Tom the tin man and Harold the Cowardly lawyer. The big city is so new to Dorothy that it's like being in a whole new world!

The Wizard of NYC

a fractured fairy-tale by Reanna Takeyasu

           Kansas today is a lot like the Kansas of years ago, if you stand in the right spot and look around all you can see for miles is fields, most often yellow ones due to the dry nature of the state. Sometimes you can see a small, lonely little house on the horizon. The kind of house that one would assume is inhabited by people that are completely cut off from the rest of the world. In the case of Dorothy's quaint little inhabitance smack dab in the middle of nowhere, one would assume right.

            Dorothy lived with her Uncle Em, Aunt Henry and her little black dog, Toto. In a tiny wooden house in the middle of a huge expanse of yellow called the Kansas prairies. Their house was originally a one room place with a bed tucked into one corner and a kitchen tucked into the other. When Dorothy came to live with her aunt and uncle they added a small attachment for her, It was larger than a small storage shack but smaller than a large storage shack. Under the main house was a small underground space that served as a basement and, in the case of tornados, a storm cellar.

            Uncle Em was a farmer who spent his days out in the sun sailing the great yellow sea on his combine. Aunt Henry was a farmers wife who spent her days cooking and complaining, mostly complaining though. Toto was a sweet little black dog that followed Dorothy everywhere she went. And last but not least, Dorothy was a sweet young girl who loved things like cooking, cleaning and helping others. She was always polite and generous but, despite attending a public school for the last ten of her fifteen years, she was definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed.

            Everyday, except for Saturdays and Sundays, Dorothy would get up especially early to catch the bus. One morning, the kind of morning that you just can't seem to get out of bed, Dorothy was very late to get to the bus stop. It was show and tell day at school and she had decided to bring Toto, she was determined not to let the little dog down so she felt that she absolutely needed to make it to school. She was almost certain that she had missed the bus when a cloud of dust suddenly appeared at the end of the rough dirt road leading to her house. Dorothy was so happy that she wouldn't get scolded by her teacher for being late that she didn't even acknowledge the fact that the bus was not the dirty yellow of her regular school bus but dust covered white and blue of the long distance city bus. Even as she bounced up the steps hugging Toto to her side and showed her bus pass to the driver, whom she had never seen before, and sat down on the fuzzy, blue seats of the new and unusual bus she didn't think to herself, "Wait, this isn't the bus I usually take!" No, Dorothy thought to herself instead, "How nice the bus is today, i wonder if this is where the school funds went to?" Because as a fact, Dorothy was not very bright.



            Dorothy awoke to the sound of the bus driver yelling "Last stop! Everybody off!" She rubbed her eyes and stretched, it felt like she had slept for a very long time, much longer than usual. Since she lived so far away from the nearest town it took a very long time for the bus to travel from Dorothy's home to the school so she often took the time to nap. As she stepped down from the bus onto a concrete road, which you hardly ever see in the prairies, it occurred to Dorothy that she may have taken the wrong bus. Unfortunately that thought came a bit late because as she turned around to get back on the bus she saw with a twinge of despair that it had already left. She looked around for the first time and could hardly believe what she saw. Colossal towers of glass and steel, blindingly bright lights flashing everywhere, it was more amazing than anything than she had ever seen. The towers were so high that they blocked out the sun, the lights were so bright that the city hardly needed a sun! The sight was so overwhelming that Dorothy stumbled backwards into the nearest building with Toto in her arms. When she opened her eyes she found that she could see again. As the confused farm girl looked around the room trying to ascertain her position she saw many people fussing around large shiny machines. Dorothy figured it was best not to disturb them so she wandered farther into what looked like some kind of house, no one noticed her slip through the front room and into the hallway. Soon she found herself in a nice little kitchen, she walked alongside the white-washed counters and cupboards and suddenly she heard a gruff voice. "Hey! Who are you? What are you doing here?"

            Her brown pigtails sailed over her shoulders as Dorothy whipped her head around to see who was talking to her. She turned around and around but she couldn't find who the voice belonged to. "I'm down here!" yelled the voice.

            Dorothy looked down to find a small man looking up at her with a rather unfriendly expression on his face and his hands on his hips. "Well? I asked you a question missy."

            "Oh! I am Dorothy, its nice to meet you!" She did a little curtsy and proceeded to ask the little man a question of her own. "Pardon me for asking, but are you a munchkin? Or a dwarf maybe?"

            This may seem like a very stupid question to you but to Dorothy who had spent many hours of her childhood reading story books filled with tales of princes, princesses, great quests and magical creatures, it was a perfectly logical thing to ask. The little man started to turn red in the face and a vein in his forehead bulged. "Is that supposed to be some kind of joke?" He growled through clenched teeth.

            "Of course not." Replied Dorothy. "I was just asking if you were a munchkin or a dwarf."

            At this point you could nearly see the steam coming out of the little man's ears. 'GET OUT!!!" He screamed.

            This sent a frightened Dorothy scurrying up a flight of stairs and out a door into the street. The only problem was that the door was only for show and left Dorothy falling from the second story of the building towards the ground. Despite not being very bright Dorothy was extremely lucky, it just so happened that below the spot that she was about to land a police officer was standing. This was no ordinary policeman though, it was the Wicked Policeman of the East. He was on his rounds giving tickets to anyone who dared even look at him funny. He had stopped for a moment to empty his pockets and look for his keys. "Pen... Watch... Ooh look! Here's those bus Tickets I took from that country-hic." The wicked police man chuckled to himself. "His accent annoyed me so I decided to swipe these from him."

            He continued to chuckle to himself and absent mindedly glanced up. What he saw shocked him beyond the ability to move his feet. Above his head was a young girl plummeting from the top of the 'Little People, Big World" set. He stood there, his mouth agape until the girl came crashing down on him.

            When Dorothy opened her eyes she was sitting on top of a strange man in a strange uniform. She got up and dusted herself off, she was perfectly fine. The wicked policeman however was lying passed out on the pavement. "oh dear!" exclaimed Dorothy "Did i do this? How horrible!" The Little girl then began to weep.

            "Don't cry, you have done us a great favor!" Someone called out from behind Dorothy.

            She turned around to find a group of people gathering. At the sight of the wicked police man lying out cold on the sidewalk they started to cheer. "Who did this?" they all asked. Dorothy tentatively raised her hand, the next thing she knew she was being lifted up by the now large crowds of people. "We've been saved! We don't have to worry about the wicked policeman anymore! Hurrah!!!"

            The people collected the belongings that had been taken from them by the wicked policeman but no one could find the owner of the long distance bus tickets that the policeman had been holding, they decided to give them to Dorothy as a reward for the great deed she had done. After a while the celebrations died down and Dorothy was left alone to wander the streets of the strange new place. As she walked down the empty sidestreet she thought about what was happening, until now she had not fully grasped the situation but as she plopped down on a street bench she came to a conclusion. "I may never get back to Kansas." mumbled Dorothy to herself. "I may never see Aunt Henry or Uncle Em again, I may never get back to my school and i won't graduate and if I do ever get back maybe it will have been so long that no one will recognize me! And there is nothing I can do!" She burst into tears and Toto, who was sitting on her lap, started to whine and moan in a most dreadful way.

            All of a sudden a huge sign lit up in front of the weeping girl. Dorothy looked up at the wide grin of the friendly wizard smiling down at her. The heavily embellished words beside him said, "Wizard weight loss! We will make all your dreams come true!" Dorothy gasped for she had never seen anything like it when she was back in Kansas. The seemingly magical neon print shouted at her. "Find us at the Empire State Building!" Opon seeing this Dorothy was given a small glimmer of hope. She figured that this must be some kind of magical sign and that the wizard could help her get back to her home in Kansas.

            Dorothy dried her tears on her sleeve and jumped up, this caused Toto to go falling to the ground. After dusting off the little dog and placing him carefully into her bag she set off with new found confidence to find the Empire State Building, see the wizard and get back to home. Little did she know that she was heading in the wrong direction...

The End

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