The weird little room with the voice in

I thought about struggling but by the look of love on her face, she would look after me better than my mistress. I also was desperate for more of than meat. She put me down so I could choose. I could always come back later... I followed her away from the cave. I heard Paddock croak a quick warning but I didn't listen. I followed her away, back to her house. It seemed like a good idea. A good owner, with nice food and someone who seemed more nice than my mistress. Surely, if I was happy I would be allowed to have this girl as my mistress, even if she was mortal. I was deciding if it would be okay to make her my mistress so I didn't really take in my surroundings. If I wanted to escape, I would have no idea how to but I wouldn't want to escape. Finally, we arrived at her house.  

By the look of the house, I wasn't sure I wanted to do this anymore but the mortal had scooped me up and hurried me inside. I was stuffed under her knitted cardigan so I couldn't see at all. I panicked, hissing in the way it it made her giggle. She didn't laugh. She jabbed me, trying to make me be quiet. It only made me howl more. So she panicked and began to run.

 I was pretty shaken by the time she let me out of the darkness. The tiny room we were in was worse than the cave. Dust blanketed everything like a permanent protector. I shuffled around, staring at the weird room. A dim light turned the room orange. Sally grinned at me. "Wait a minute. I'll just go get some meat," She reassured me as she pulled the light switch and plunged me into darkness. I have always been afraid of the dark. I wasn't in the cave because I knew that Paddock was there. Here, I was pretty sure that spiders were my only company. 

I decided to attempt to hunt spiders to try and take my mind off the darkness. I waited for my eyes to adjust to the low amount of light and then set off. " Here, little spiders," A croak of a voice came out. I whizzed around. Nothing seemed to be there. I suddenly realized. I was finding my voice. Wow.

The End

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