The Truth about Sally

I back away slowly from this voice as it called again. "Sally, is that you?" It wailed.Suddenly a dark shadow started dragging itself out into where I could see it. A dusty figure appeared. "Who are you?" It croaked. "I'm Sally's friend. Who are you?" I asked nervously. "Sally abandoned me. I was her friend. Once her parents said she had to sell me, she hid me up here and said I'd run away. She'd steal chicken and ham for me to eat and I'd hunt spiders. I was happy for a while. Eventually she forgot about me and I was left to survive on spiders and the leaky pipe. That's how I've survived so long," He sighed. We stood examining each other for a while. "She'll forget about you as well," He muttered, guessing rather than knowing.  I sighed and watched a spider go by. 

Something happened that evening. I wanted to go home, see my mistress and chat to Paddock. I didn't like it here: the creepy old cat, the stories about Sally and the fact that I hadn't seen the sunlight in a few days. This brilliant dream was becoming a terrible nightmare...

The End

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