The Voice that wasn't Mine

I felt strangely comforted with my new-found voice but also a little confused. My mistress had always told me I was special. I never realized what she meant. Thoughts were buzzing round my head like irritated, annoying wasps. Should I tell Sally? Should I have left my mistress? Why was I here? Could all kittens talk? I began to think about this so much that when the tiny hatch opened, I didn't realize that someone had entered until they stroked me. I hissed as I turned round and a familiar laugh met me. The smell of meet hit me suddenly and I realized it was only Sally. 

I sighed and began to nibble the meat that Sally had brought me. "Sorry I took so long," She muttered. I longed to tell her I could talk but I kept my mouth closed just in case I wasn't supposed to tell anyone about my special gift. I gobbled up the rest of the meat and begged silently for more. "Sorry," She murmured apologetically. I sighed and left her to leave to her secret life. Spiders will now become a very big part of my very small diet. Suddenly a voice - that I was sure wasn't mine - spoke. "Sally..." it croaked hopefully. I shuddered nervously at the sound of a different voice. Suddenly the sound of something dragging itself along the floor moved closer to me. I froze.

The End

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