New Beginnings

The infamous town of Grimsdale had a long gruesome history of murder and witchcraft. long ago at a time of superstition and dark lore, the town of grimsdale was built by a secretive cult of witches. word begun to spread about the power and influence of the witches of Grimsdale. the news soon arrived to the ears of the christian judges of Dunkirk, the church persecuted the women of Grimsddale for being the daughters of satan and committing the ultimate act of treason, witchcraft.

The hunt for the head witch jessica Algrim lasted for several weeks until she was cornered, her famous last words before she was hanged were " i curse this town and the residents who reside in it, i will return and bring the wrath of hell..." since that moment the villager's of Grimsdale suffered from unexplainable drought, plague, famine and death. over the years the town fell into ruin. all that remained from the witches past are the descendants of jessica Algrim, Mindy and her mother.

the town of Grimsdale now lay in shambles after one hundred years of neglect. broken down homes filled its lonely streets, crumbling buildings were tagged with graffiti and a decaying church fell into ruin. it was a ghost town and no one dared to tread these unholy grounds. a single house was still standing in the mist of the destruction, faint lights glowed from the small windows and an old brown car was parked in the drive way. " Mindy Algrim get out of bed right now, im not warning you again!". in the middle of a dark room mindy hid in fear with the covers over her head, constantly repeating " please go away ". it was other sleepless night of horror and fright. ever since she can remember, malicious spirits always gathered around her bed. one spirit in particular scared her the most. it was tall mysterious figure dressed in a old fashion black robe and it would stand in the corner of the room and watch mindy throughout the night.

as the sun light slowly illuminated mindy's room she carefully got out of bed. the reflection upon the mirror showed of a girl who been beaten down in life, who's fallen into a deep endless depression. she had dark circles under her green round eyes due to countless sleepless nights of paranoia. mindy combed her thin black hair but it limply fell over her pale face. there were scratches and bruises visible all over her frail petite body and there were fresh marks from the previous attack. it was common for the spirits get violent she didn't know was she was a target of their harassment. the dead tormented her to the brink of madness.  they all would scream " this is all your doing ! set us free" mindy didn't know what they wanted or why they were so angry. with a little sigh she got dressed and covered her wounds as best as she can. 

a tall lean woman stood in the small kitchen preparing breakfast, her beauty was mysterious and alluring. there was a strange exotic seduction about her. the black makeup on her face made her sharp facial features stand out and her green catlike eyes would draw attention from afar. " good morning mindy how is my little witch......what's wrong my dear ?"  mindy's mother strode to the table with a graceful manner and swept her robe like attire aside with her hand. " they wont leave me alone, i can't sleep mother.." mrs. algrim lifted her daughters delicate face " do not fear my child , this is not a curse or an illness. this a gracious gift ! your great grandmother had the same precious gift and she was persecuted for these visions. you should be proud of it !" there was a hint of jealousy as she comforted her daughter. Mindy stared at her pale hands, "thats how my mother always explained it, as a gift. she was proud that our descendants were witches. i guess thats why we still live in Grimsdale even though its abandoned. how can mother be proud of our heritage, everyone hates us, they call us devil worshipers, satanists, unclean, unholy. everyone at school is either afraid me or hates me. i don't have any friends and they label me the witch of grimsdale. it doesn't help that the surrounding community are religious fanatics. " 

no matter how much mindy wanted to avoid her past, mrs. algrim painfully reminded her where she came from. she would often say " you shouldn't be ashamed of your past mindy, your great grandmother was an important and powerful woman in history. you look exactly just like your beautiful great grandmother...". it was true, in the living room there is a giant life size portrait of jessica algrim. mindy was disturbingly similar to the portrait of her great grandmother. they had the same pale seductive face, the exact haunting mesmerizing green eyes , the limp long thin black hair, down to the same soft facial features. that portrait scared mindy to the core, it was like looking at her former self.  " magnificent isn't it, i had the portrait painted down to the last detail...".

Mrs. algrims fascination by the dark arts sparked when she was a little girl, she wanted to live up to her mothers reputation; who was a famous witch at her time. soon it became an unhealthy obsession, when she became pregnant with mindy her goals on becoming a powerful witch came to halt. when mindy was born, mrs. algrim restarted her life for the sake of her daughter but when she saw strong potential in mindy, her unhealthy obsession in the dark arts sparked once again. throughout the years mrs. algrim desperately forced her beliefs and teaching to little mindy. she was determined to make mindy the witch she failed to become but mindy was reluctant to learn her mother's teachings, she wanted to be raised a normal girl away from this dark magic. she wanted to have friends, to go out and do normal things, she wanted to have a social life. she can clearly remember the day when she foolishly brought a little gold cross to her home.when her mother spotted the cross around her daughters neck she bursted into frenzy of rage. mrs. algrim gave mindy a severe beating and locked her into the small cramped cupboard under the staircase. later that same day she burned the cross in the fireplace, forcing mindy to watch. mindy saw a side of her mother that she didn't know that existed, a dark and sinister side. one that scared mindy to this day.

the seclusion of living in an abandoned ghost town and with a crazed mother took a heavy toll on poor mindy. there was no one to talk too or play with, no friends or family relatives, only the lonely dead. every time mindy asked her mother to go outside and play, she would always get the same response " there is no time to play little games or to make useless friends, you must read from the sacred covenant book of witches, begin with page one...". the covenant book of witches was a drag to read, let alone finish. it was enormous black leather bound book worn with age, it was filled with endless tattered yellow pages written in ancient language and depicted in gruesome drawings. mindy had no idea what she was reading, it was all gibberish to her ears but her mother watched intently with her green eyes expecting something happen but nothing ever did happen. with a sigh of disappointment she flipped the page and said " continue...".

"mindy what is wrong , i sense no progress in your performance what so every ever. tell me child ?..." mrs. algrim demanded an answer from her daughter. mindy looked down at her black shoes and softly mumbled " i don't want to be a witch..." the instant she said those words the atmosphere in the house turned icy cold. " what did you say....." mindy shifted nervously in her spot, by the dangerous tone of her mother's voice she knew she said the wrong thing. " how dare you speak such nonsense in front of me!" mrs. algrim slapped mindy hard across the face " this isn't a matter of choice my child, you will do what i say you understand me..." she held mindy tightly by the hair " y..yes mother.." mindy felt warm blood trickle down her nose." i think you need to clear your head child.." mindy screams filled the cold lonely house as mrs. algrim dragged her daughter toward the cupboard under the stairs. "please forgive me mother ill be a good girl !"...

The End

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