I wasn’t too sure if having no plans to cancel was for better or for worst. It was almost a tradition now, that Thora and I spent each weekend together. But ever since Leo broke through the events that were set in place, it seemed that I was no longer first priority, but instead, a replacement for when Leo was unavailable – which according to Kim’s gossip was a regular occurrence. They had been ‘a couple’ for the best part of a fortnight now, and word was that they only saw something of one another at school, minus this first weekend after the fair.
“So, what did you and Leo get up to this weekend?” Kim had asked after the misunderstanding between Thora and me in the corridor on Monday morning.
Thora looked confused and in serious thought for some moments, searching through her memory bank of the previous day’s events. “Um... I know I went to the cinema with Leo. I don’t remember much after that.”
“We went Go-Carting, remember?” Leo had asked, peering up at her with daring eyes.
Thora’s face became the carrier of understanding as she clicked her fingers and smiled. “Go-Carting, that was it! Silly me.”
From the glance Leo passed me at that moment, I could tell something strange was stirring, but what? It seemed weird that Thora would forget something as significant, especially since she refused to hush up on the matter of their relationship all week.
But that wasn’t to be my focus for today. Today was about me finally discovering what it was about my minor change that caused everyone to watch me with such suspicion.
“Kala, Aunt Luna’s here,” Maggie hollers up the stairs.
I stir and roll on my side, glancing at the clock and seeing that it is 10:30 am.
“Shit!” I yell as I bolt out of bed and run my fingers through my tumbleweed of brown hair. I quickly change into something presentable, other than my Garfield PJ’s, and splash my face with water before adding some make-up.
“Kala!” Maggie shouts again, before continuing her talk with Luna.
“I’m coming, leave me alone!”
I hurry down the stairs, welcomed with open arms by my dear Aunt. But her gesture doesn’t appear to consist of sign for a hug. Instead she takes me by my shoulders, studying my eyes intently before quickly sweeping her gaze over the rest of me.
“My, my, my. Haven’t you grown?” She asks, giving me a brief smile. Of course I know she didn’t mean to ask of my slight change in height; her lips refuse to translate what her mind truly thinks.
“I guess so...” I reply, looking down at myself. “I presume mum has asked you to speak with me, about... well... you know. These?” I ask, pointing a finger to my colour altering eyes, which give the impression of taking over me depending on my mood.
“That. And why it’s only your eyes that have changed. I’m guessing that you’re wondering why that is?”
I nod and look between Maggie and Luna. “Um... where did you want to talk?”
“Oh. Don’t mind me,” Maggie exclaims. “If you don’t want me here, well, I guess I won’t be.” She says, sobbing mockingly as she makes a run for the living room.
“No worries, dear. I wasn’t planning on speaking with you here, how about going for breakfast with me in town?”
I smile and grab my Burlesque corset jacket from the banister, making my way out of the door as I say, “Let’s go.”
We arrive in town a little after eleven and park Luna’s black Bentley not too far from the entrance of Mystique. The entrance to the dual glass doors is accessible by a long red rug; ivy climbs up the walls of the exterior, creating a mystical atmosphere upon the establishment – hence its name. Two large set windows sit at either side of the doors, inwardly framed with horizontal wooden blinds.
I needn’t ask whether or not the restaurant was too expensive for Luna, she was practically loaded. Ever since her transformation on her sixteenth birthday, she was blessed with unbelievable beauty – still now at the age of twenty-nine. She had been found by a modelling agency shortly after her ascending, mum was jealous, being the oldest of the pair by 7 years. She thought that she would remain the ‘prettier’ of the sisters.
Raven black hair trails down Luna’s back to her waist, curving like waves on the ocean. A black velvet and red silk gothic dress accompanies the look, with the side panels and back of the bodice made from black stretch velvet and red polyester silk for the front. Decorated with black appliqué and ribbon corset lacing, the skirt section of the dress is completed with soft layers of red silk forming a subtle puffball effect, with her made-up eyes and knee high boots to finish the look.
After being directed to our two-person table by our waiter, we await patiently for our orders to arrive. Mystique was empty apart from the presence of myself, my Aunt and the staff, making me think that Luna might well have hired to diner privately for the morning.
“I have lot to tell you,” Luna says, being the first to speak, as she opens up her serviette and sets it on her lap. “It’s very, very important that you listen to every word I have to say. It could all be significant to you in the years to come, got it?” She asks her tone and expression suddenly becoming very serious.
I nod my head and take a sip from my water. “Yes.”

The End

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