Demonic EncounterMature

Shutting my bedroom door behind me, I leave my bag on the bed and venture into the bathroom.
It had been such a long day. I hadn’t expected to show up at school to find out that Thora had chosen to speak with Kim instead of me. To discover that she had abandoned me in favour to go see the exact same movie with someone else and to have the entire school muttering on about the ‘New Couple’, which just so happened to be Thora and Leo!
I would have thought that all of that alone would have been enough to make an episode of a soap opera, but how wrong I was. As well as all the teen drama that surrounded my life at the moment, there was also the petrifying situation I encountered on my travels home, and not to mention my breaking and entering. As I ran from the men who pursued to hurt me in ways far worst that I could ever imagine, I found myself entering into what I thought to be an abandoned mansion, which, just so happened to be occupied – and by the last person I would have ever hoped it to be - Leo.
As I pat my face dry I contemplate the idea of telling my family what had happened in the alley; how I somehow managed to confront three terrifying men to cower in agony on the floor as I inflicted upon, them an excruciating pain, beyond what any mortal is far beyond doing.
However, after how my mother and Maggie had both reacted to my minor alteration in appearance, I thought it best to keep what happened a secret. If they knew any thing more about what was happening they would be sure to interrogate me for a long time to come.
As I set the towel back onto the rack, I stroll into my room ready to collapse onto my plush pillows for a well deserved sleep.
“So you’re the witch who took down my minions earlier today.”
My heart jumps to my throat as my eyes fix upon the figure of a woman who lurks in the shadows casted by the door. She steps forward into the shimmer of light the small chandelier casts upon the room. I take in her dark skin covered by a torn lilac gown; unkempt and dishevelled, which leads me to assume that she is not your average person. Although, it’s not just her displaced clothing that makes me sense something isn’t right.
“Kala Carter, such a pleasure to finally meet you – or should I say meet you again?” She chuckles, “Allow me to introduce my self, I’m Taylor Gray,” she says holding out her hand which exposes a peculiar marking.
Reading her face she adds, “You won’t remember the last time we met, but believe me it ended better for me than it did you.”
I take several steps back as I come to realise that this woman is not someone anyone human is likely to know. “Your, your – a – dem,” I stammer.
“A demon? Well, yes I am, and I’m sure your aware what it means now that I’m here,” she says, motioning towards me.
Continuing backwards into the bathroom I say, “I have no idea what you‘re talking about.”
She studies me curiously for a moment, reaching me in the blink of an eye. She holds me by the mouth against the medicine cabinet, her long nails pinching into my skin as she pushes me harder into the glass. “Your lying,” she says with a crazed smile on her face.
I try to push away from her grasp, but fail to do so as I find myself with no space to escape. “I swear I don’t know anything,” I cry under the palm of her hand as I squirm against her vile touch.
“Hmm... lets see if this changes your answer.” With her spare hand, she raises it in front of her. “Dagger.” Instantly, from nowhere, a short but deadly knife produces itself around her long fingers. “Are you still sure you have nothing to say?” She asks, releasing her fingers from my cheek and tossing the knife back and forth between her hands.
“I know NOTHING!”
“I guess your guardian hasn’t been doing his job right then.” Her eyes turn vicious, digging at me as a curtain of brown hair masks her expressionless face. “Good-bye.”
Almost as though instinct, I feel my eyes transform again, although to which colour I am unaware.
Maybe through impulse within my powers or through some new trait of my changed nature, I immediately cast out my hands. Taylor flies across the room, smashing into the glass shower doors.
The dagger levitates before me, tempting, as I look between its shine and it demonic owner.
I tilt my head to the side, a venomous glance directed toward Taylor draws across my face. She jumps to her feet launching toward me, but she is not fast enough. I cast out my hand again; a thousand black particles soar out at her, slamming her tall body back into the shower of glass that disguises the floor tiles.
Without giving her another chance, I take the knife to her chest, forcing it down on her with such strength that she vanishes into a puff of smoke, disappearing into the atmosphere as she now seizes to exist. The horrific mess the only sign of her ever being here.

After clearing up the remains of glass, I replace the shower doors with a water-proof curtain and lock my bedroom to prevent my family entering and seeing the ruined bathing area. I had to find out why demonic entities were appearing in my bedroom, threatening to kill me over information I did not know of. But from who? I was most certainly not planning on telling the devious duo; they were already to me like a moth to a flame to discover more of my mysterious eyes. I could not share details of my supernatural intruder to them – at least not for now.
“Kala, your aunt Luna is coming to visit you this weekend,” mum shouts from the living room. “Make sure to cancel all your plans, okay?”
Perfect. I could definitely talk to Aunt Luna. It was time to get some answers and learn just what it was everyone was so suspicious about.

The End

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