Through the small hole that occupied that of the exterior basement entrance, I dared to peer an eye to the murky outdoors. The time which my watch presented to me, indicated that I had been present in the basement for the best part of two hours. I was well aware that I had most likely trespassed onto private property, however, from the brief glance I saw of the mansion on my hurried entrance, I assumed that the building was neglected.
With my face pressed to the dampened doors, my eye searches swiftly across what is available from the holes’ availability. The trees are scarce of life, their skeletal branches clawing at the rotting panels of the house which are accommodated by wisteria. Above I hear the tune of wind chimes as they slam against one another with the forcing winds which spiral round the perimeter of the house.
With my sightings I find it better to leave now rather than later; the weather not seeming to keep any promises appears very unpredictable.
I position myself under the heavy doors, slowly releasing the bolt as I push the fragile wood out into the secretive night, although my efforts soon prove to be nothing more than a weak attempt at freedom, as I find myself falling back into the arms of someone from behind.
“I’m sorry I didn’t intend to startle you,” the familiar voice explains as I am helped to my feet. “Its just I didn’t quite expect to find anyone breaking and entering into my home. You wouldn’t expect that either... would you Kala?”
I swing around to come across the same charcoal eyes I had fell upon twice before. Their intense framed lashes assist in keeping my gaze fixed to theirs as Leo’s face stays set in place; curious and waiting.
“I-I’m sorry,” my voice falters, as I pull my arm from Leo’s grasp. I head up the stairs to the cellars’ exit, my heart beating overtime. Of course, it had to be occupied, I should have realised when I saw the candle in the attic window. Why did it have to be Leo of all people that lived within the house though? I predicted now, that come tomorrow; I would have earned myself the name of ‘Stalker’ by the entire student body.
The roads from Leo’s house were unmarked, and I had dropped my Blackberry after being spooked by him. No doubt, I assumed, he would break my pass code and search through all the features my phone consisted of, or worst, tell Thora. I was never one for using my phone, Thora would be the one to use its numerous applications. I could only imagine the photographs that were stored on the memory.
Of course, I was jealous of their relationship, more likely curious. They barely knew one another and he had only joined the school last week, it was a little... strange. But if it made Thora happy, I shouldn’t be one to stand in the way of her and her new beau; even if we had had a slight moment.
“Kala, is that you?” Maggie’s voice calls from the kitchen as I head through the front door to the tall arched entrance which separates the kitchen from the hall. “Mum wants to see your eyes.”
I sigh and enter the kitchen, immediately slammed to a halt as my mum rushes over and takes a long look at my eyes.
“Let me see. Let me see!” Mum says in a serious tone, as she places my face between her hands and studies me intently. She runs the tips of her fingers under my eyes, the sensitivity of them changing colour comes over me, as I feel my veins tense at her touch. “How can this be?” She asks more to herself than to me.
“I know. As soon as I saw her I came straight to tell you. So... is she then?”
My mum turns to Maggie, perching on the edge of the breakfast bar almost in shock. “It seems that way. But I can’t be too sure, I will have to contact Aunt Luna, she will know.”
I look between my sister and mum, neither appear to notice my presence any longer. I wonder why it is that my mum has now reacted more surprised than Maggie had. There surely had to be something they were keeping from me.
“Uh... hello? I am still here you know.” I ask from where I stand in the doorway, like the rejected one from a litter of kittens. “What is this about?”
“Nothing... nothing at all, dear,” mum says, not even casting her sight in my direction.” Now why don’t you go and get your homework done, I’m sure you have plenty to do?”
I raise my eyebrows at them both, knowing they are keeping something from me which involves my new appearance. “Whatever,” I mutter, turning on my heel and dragging my bag up the stairs. “Whatever.”

The End

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