Power UnleashedMature

The remainder of the day I am witness to the affection Thora gives to Leo. You’d think that with the size of a school that there would be some kind of escape from the events you wish not to see – apparently not. Practically the entire student body whispers amongst them selves about ‘The New Couple’.
I couldn’t wait to get home and put it all behind me, to just go to bed and pray that the day never happened.
After waiting in the parking lot for twenty minutes for Thora to take me home, I start home by foot as she fails to show up.
A harsh fall breaks from the heavy clouds, as I hurry down the side streets. The rain slams onto the pavements and bounces back onto my already soaked shoes. I tighten my hood around my face to shield myself from the bitter chill and continue against the whining winds. As I reach the end of the alley which separates my street from another I see a group of men look up from the shelter of a garage. They lean into one another and make some kind of comment before all looking up at me simultaneously.
I start to panic as they all lift up their hoods from their sports sweaters and rush toward me in a menacing state.
I hunch my shoulders and wrap my arms around myself for protection as I quicken my pace and continue in the way of my house. The alley that I was currently in went on for another few hundred feet and with no street lights available, no one would see or notice anything out of the ordinary.
From behind I hear the quickened footsteps of the group of men and perceive various disturbing comments they make toward me.
I turn off at an earlier street than my own but find myself at a dead end. Before me stands a large brick wall of a block of flats and to the sides, more buildings.
I spiral round in attempts to make a run back the way I came and head onto my street but I am confronted by the men. Each of them makes their way slowly toward me, carefully planning their footing like a cat to a mouse.
The man closest to me has his hood hung low over his face, making it appeared masked in the shadows.
A gust of wind blows my hood off and I look up to the feeling of dripping rain falling on my head. Above me, a broken gutter slinks down, allowing the water to fall straight onto me.
With my attention momentarily distracted from the men, they make their move and run toward me. Two of the three pin my arms against the wall as the other tugs at my hair and traces his vile fingers down the length of my jaw.
My legs seem dead to me as they refuse to kick out in the shock.
“Let go of me!” I find myself able to say, as I look from man to man in fear.
They throw their heads back and chuckle causing fury to run through my veins.
I clench my jaw and snarl as I feel myself under the power of something greater than me. I swallow numerous times before shutting my eyes tightly and licking my lips. I open my mouth and allow an incredibly high pitch scream to emanate from within me. Its decibels seem beyond anything any human should be able to reach – but that’s just the thing – I’m not human. I’m a witch.
All three men flinch away from me, covering their ears as they drop to the floor and curl in on themselves. I shut my mouth and let out a slight cough, re-opening my eyes as I feel the same sensation that my eyes had the night of Lammas when they changed colour. I give each of the men a piercing look and concentrate on giving them the pain they had planned on inflicting on me. They clutch themselves tighter, letting out low groans of hurt before collapsing into the wet concrete as though completely drained of energy.
I shake my head and sense myself go back under my own control. I glance at the sight before me, all the men still appear to be breathing, but how was I to explain what had happened if someone were to find the sight with me still within their proximity?
I step over the unconscious men before breaking into a run down the street. None of the buildings appear familiar to me and soon enough I find myself in a new area of town I have not seen before. I come to a halt at a cross road, looking from left to right for any signs which could tell me where I was.
“Hey you!” I hear someone say. “Come ‘ere.”
Instantly panicking at the thought of being caught for something unexplainable amongst the society of the norm, I take the left road and find myself before a house with an open basement. I head in and bolt the wooden doors shut behind me. I would stay here just as long as I needed to, until I was positively certain that the coast was clear before entering back into the terrifying streets.

The End

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