Night RiderMature

The night was a dark shade of blue; clear except from the random dots of light which assist in illuminating the mooned sky. Frosty air nips at my exposed hands, which find no comfort in sheltering in the thin pockets of my dress.
I push my way through the crowds of people who enjoy there selves in the amusement of activities. Abandoned food and packaging snags at my open toed shoes, my ankles keeling over to the concreted floor every now and again; making my chances of getting home by foot less probable.
Reaching the entrance to Brentwood’s Amusement Grounds I find myself lost for hope with the full parking lot completely free of cabs.
“You need a ride, and all your other chances of getting home seem pretty slim to me.”
I spin around to see Leo stood not far behind me. His hands sit playfully in the pockets of his jacket as he swings back and forth attempting to pursue a boyish charm.
“I thought I had rid myself of you back there... apparently I was wrong. Lucky me!” After giving him an un-amused glance, I turn my attention back to the parking lot, scanning the spaces for any sign of public transport, although knowing full well there is none. I contemplate for a moment, the risk of death if I were to journey with Leo. It was bound to be much less than a walk through the hazardous streets of Brentwood, which I was well aware, held many dangers; mostly associated with those who lurked in the dimly lit areas of street corners and alleys.
“If I let you drive me, you have to take me straight home,” I tell Leo, balancing on my heels as I study him. “That means no stopping anywhere other than at traffic lights and my house. I don’t want any unexpected stops, you got that?”
“Yes Mam,” Leo announces, raising his hand in salute.
I follow him through various designated parking areas, swerving between vehicles and making numerous sharp turns until we finally reach a disjointed section. Before me stand many motorcycles, each individually held up by their kickstands. Leo guides me pass the majority of them, my heart skipping beats at the thought of being on the back of one. I begin to think that perhaps he has another form of transport, perhaps a car, as we exceed all the bikes and cross the road to a garage.
“Um... what are we doing?” I ask, my eyes travelling anxiously across the surroundings as I tuck my hands deeper into my pockets.
“Let me see. I believe we are now walking over to the garage, I’m pulling the keys out of my pocket and unlocking the door.”
I give him yet another un-amused smirk and gesture for him to tell me the truth.
“Private hiring,” he returns with a sigh as he pulls up the metal door.
Leo’s hand brushes over the inner left wall; “If I could just find the key for the...”
A flicker of light does little to lighten the boxy room. Tool boxes and abandoned vehicle magazines litter the wooden tables, which hang from the dull walls.
“There it is,” Leo mutters, starting for the centre of the room.
Pulling off a large unmarked dust sheet, a black Ducati Multistrada 1200 stands glistening under the fading glow of a struggling light bulb. I wasn’t one for paying much attention to motorbikes or cars, it was only due to a poster of the bike on the back wall that I was able to know what this particular one was.
“Are you getting on or what?” Leo asks, as a roar from behind causes me to jump.
I look between him and his death trap machine disapprovingly, every logical part of me demanding that I daren’t do this. But truthfully part of me craved the excitement and danger to be on the back of a bike, especially with someone like Leo.
I bite my lower lip and take the spare helmet he holds out to me. Tying back my mass of curls, I pull it on and adjust my dress.
“Looks good,” Leo gestures, patting the seat behind him. “Get on.”
I swing my leg over the bike and tighten my hands over the creases in Leo’s jacket.
“You’re going to need to hold on much tighter than that if you’re planning on staying on,” Leo informs, looking back at me through the visor of his helmet.
I raise my eyebrows at him in disbelief and smirk. “I’m sure I can manage.”
“We’ll see,” he says, holding back at smile.
The motorbike jolts forward, swerving onto the scarce roads at a rapid rate of knots. Leo accelerates further as he enters the highway, gliding in and out of traffic, teasing me as he slows for brief moments only to accelerate again instantly.
I clutch to his back, enveloping my arms around his framed torso, ironically, going against my truce of not holding onto him. Not to say that I wasn’t enjoying it - I was - It was just... strange how he seemed so sure of my actions. Of course, he must have had other experience, but there was something more than just knowing what there was to do. It was the expression on his face when he said ‘We’ll see’, that had left me lost for words.
My heart pounds uncontrollably against my chest making me think that I wouldn’t be too surprised if he could feel it; however at the moment that was of the least of my worries. I was more concerned about getting home in one piece.
Pulling off of the freeway, we come to a stop at a set of traffic lights. “Where do I go from here?” I hear the muffled voice of Leo ask.
I peer around at the signs, realising that we are more or less just a few streets from my house. Whether he knows where I live or not is a mystery to me, although I can’t keep the thought from my mind that it isn’t a coincidence at where we are.
“Two lefts then take a right onto Gabriel’s Gate Road.”
After pointing my house out to Leo, he had drawn into my drive and cut off the engine, hurriedly rushing off the bike to my aid as I stumble off.
“I don’t think I was designed to hitch a ride on the back of a motorbike,” I say, as he helps me to my feet.
He gives a brief laugh and takes my helmet from me, “Don’t be so quick to judge,” he says, giving me a quick look. “You might come to enjoy it.”
“Ha.” I exclaim, starting for my door. “I don’t think I shall ever be riding on one of those again.” Although, I knew I would be one day.
He smiles and starts the engine, “I guess I will be seeing you Monday then.” He says, backing onto the street.
“Yeah. I guess so,” I murmur as I wave in his direction and shut the front door behind me.

The End

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