A Visit

The sunlight trickled through the windows, rays cascading gently into the bedchambers of Lord Moorehouse and his Lady. Slowly, he sat up from his sleeping position, gazing down to the handsome form of his wife, slowly rising and falling with each easy breath, her loose, golden curls dashed across her face. Lord Moorehouse sighed contentedly, cautiously rising from the bed and snatching his robe, tip-toeing out the room.

There was something that must be done, he was sure. His bravery got the best of him; it was an act that may be committed so that his fears could be officially tossed away and confirmed as false.

He couldn't help feel a flutter in his stomach or a tingle up his spine as he climbed the same stairs that he had what felt like years and years ago. Murky sunshine drifted from windows above, shimmering on orbs of dust as he trekked from the civilization of lower levels.

Finally he turned upon the heavy, nursery door, several plates of picked at food placed at the doorstep. He cocked his head slightly, stepping over the dishes before putting his hand on the cold, iron door handle. Shivers raced up and down him, and for a moment he wondered if he should turn back after all. Gazing about him, the sunlight gave him confidence, taking a deep breath as if he was to plunge into a deep, cold lake.

Lord Moorehouse pried open the door, stepping hurriedly inside. A young girl, barely fifteen as it appeared, stood abruptly from a chair at the cradle's side, appearing shocked and frightened. A slight flair of anger flashed through him; who had decided that such a young child was to take care of his daughter?

The girl curtsied briskly, mumbling something of excusing herself, and began trotting to her adjacent chamber. "Wait, child!" his commanding voice stopped her, and she whipped around to face him. "Who...are you? What is your name?"

"Elizabeth Burns, Sir." she cast her eyes downwards, as if scared to look into his own. "I am the caretaker of Lilith."

"Come here," he gently gestured for her. With the utmost caution, she stepped forward, overwhelmed by his very presence and unsure of how to react.

As he now had her by his side, Lord Moorehouse felt calmer as he stepped closer to the cradle, uneasily glancing inside. The child gazed up at him with eyes of darkness and knowledge, though a glint of sunlight played at her features and tossed color in her eye. He realized he was holding his breath, releasing it in a great gust. Curiously, he watched Lilith lay quietly, simply looking up at him. "Why..." it took Lord Moorehouse to find his voice once again. "...why does she not play or laugh or cry like a normal child?"

"I cannot say, Master," the young girl, Elizabeth, replied quietly.


Lord Moorehouse did not spend much longer in his unusual child's presence, turning abruptly on his heel and walking briskly down the endless slope of stair steps. He felt something of a relief, whether if it resulted from simply leaving the nursery or finding that the child did not appear demonic at the time being. Either way, he convinced himself of the latter.

Perhaps he would visit her and the young girl Elizabeth more often.


The End

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