Lilith Of The Night

 The young girl was named Lilith, an older maid named Mrs. Schelling took the post as her nanny, as all others would not. Her father Lord Edgar Moorehouse did his best to forget his daughter, her nursery the farthest room on the highest floor of his family's abbey. Cries did not keep him from his sleep, it was her silence, it was her haunting eyes that lingered in the shadows of his nightmares.

 His hand trembled as he crept up the stairway, the candle shivering as it cast it's golden light in a great orb about him. Lord Moorehouse's shadow slipped along the wall beside him, a dark figure lingering with him. The only noise was his heart pounding wildly in his head, as if attempting to flee itself. As much as he did not wish it, he was drawn to the heavy, gothic door of the nursery like many nights before.

Candlelight spilled into the murky night of the room as he gently pushed open the door. He swallowed, his throat incredibly dry as he stepped across the room to his child's cradle, his stomach twisted as he gazed over the cradle's side with the utmost caution.

Fear filled him as he met the child's eyes, large and dark as they glared up at him, as if waiting. He seemed to be captured by them, standing stiffly in a terrible trance as he attempted to turn away.

The clock struck three, pulling him from his thick enchantment. Panting, he panicked, dashing from the room to Mrs. Schelling's own which was adjacent to the childs'. "Mrs. Schelling!" he cried out, bursting through her door. A crazed glaze over his eye, he spun about. He leapt back, shrieking with fear as he saw the old woman's still body sprawled across the floor, glass tinged with blood scattered about her. 

Mindlessly, he raced from the nursery, snatching his traveling cloak and running to the main hall. His headmistress Mrs. Davis had heard the commotion, a robe wrapped about her nightgown as she met him there, looking over his terrified form, "What in the name of God is going on, Master?"

"I'm leaving for London immeaditly." he briefly said.

"But Master, what-?" her brow met in a knot.

"Farewell-I will return when I may!" he cried, sweeping from the hall and beckoning for his charger, riding feverishly into the night.

The End

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