What Now?

“What now?!” Were his first words, and then:

“Haha! Well done, Hannah my dear, you walked right into our little trap.”

Hannah couldn’t think of what to say. Whilst Adam loosened her tongue and gave her a little hope, Thorne did just the opposite and closed up even her airways.

“I’m sure he didn’t plan this, though,” Hannah barely had time to think to herself, before being swept upon by Thorne himself.

“Well now it seems that I won’t need anyone to find, or escort, you, seeing as you walked straight into our chamber of peril.” Then he laughed the evil laugh that chilled Hannah down to every bone in her body.

Suddenly a pink cloud materialised in the centre of the chamber and four Blue Witches (including one that Hannah recognised as Accounting’s Jemima) appeared. Whilst three of the Witches sent spells with their hands out towards the other Black Wizards in the room, Jemima tackled Thorne with her bare fists and dived over to Hannah.

“Grab hold of my arm!”

Hannah didn’t need to be told twice.

They both vanished and then rematerialised into Melna’s hall. Once Hannah had got her breath back and stopped staring around, but before she could ask any questions, Jemima took hold of her wrist and started to escort Hannah along, talking all the time.

“God, you are such an idiot, Miss Saservine! What were you thinking?”

“He kidnapped me!” Hannah said indignantly.

“Evidently…But you still shouldn’t be trusting just anyone you meet around the Chasm. Especially Adam. You saw the way he treated Rebecca.”

“That doesn’t come into any of this! He’s a traitor!”

Jemima fumed but couldn’t think of anything thing to retaliate. She opened her mouth a couple of times then closed it, just like a fish out of water.

“You’re just lucky we found you when we did,” she said finally, “Things could have got a whole lot worse.”

“How did you find me-find The Black Wizards’ hideout?”

“It’s not as concealed as you may think. The Blue Witches’ Cavern is far more protected by spells.” She stopped suddenly in mid-walk. “Um…I think I’ll let Witch Vine deal with the rest of this…” Then she scurried away quietly, like a mouse.

Hannah could see The Alpha Female walking briskly up into Melna’s chamber from another distant room. When the lady saw Hannah, though, she broke into a run.

“Oh, Hannah!” Witch Vine said, engulfing the girl in a big bear hug, “What happened? I thought…thought maybe you’d…betrayed us…”

She stopped and grabbed Hannah -a bit too roughly- by the shoulders and stared into the girl’s turquoise eyes.

“You didn’t betray us, did you?” Though she tried to conceal it, Hannah could hear the fear in the lady’s voice. She put a hand on one of the cold ones grasping her shoulder.

“Of course not. Why would I? You need me here.” She paused, deciding whether to reveal the next snippet of information. “It’s Adam who is the traitor…”

“Adam! I knew I shouldn’t have trusted that woman-eating…Grr.” Hannah smiled to herself, knowing that inside Mrs. S was using far worse words than ‘Grr’!

“Now! This means War!”

Hannah stopped smiling.

The End

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