The Black Wizards

Hannah awoke, on a cold, hard floor to the sounds of large boots across metal and sniggering. She not open her eyes straight away, but let her ears catch the snippets of conversation that drifted as people walked past her body.

“…do with her?”

“I say torture her.”

This snippet made Hannah shiver. Another snippet kept fading in and out:

“…information….might be useful...heard her…Saservine…”

“What?...The Alpha…ad news…”

“Stupid Thorne!”

“Hey, shuttup! What if he hears you? All our necks will be on the line.”

“…on the chopping board more like.”

All the while the same sniggering became an ostinato in the background.

Hannah let her eyes open, but found that her surrounds were too shadowed to see; the room she was in was poorly lit by dark-red-flamed torches in brackets at each corner.

People walked around, dressed fully in black; jeans and a leather jacket or scruffy buttoned shirt with trench-coats over the top. It made their bodies look taller and more assassin-like. Gathered around her, holding pikes that were talker than their folded bodies were several Wizards. They were definitely men-she guessed The Black Wizards-but they looked more like goblins. It was them who were making the sniggering.

Groaning, Hannah sat up and turned to face them.

“Ooh look, she’s awake.”

“Haha, fun.”

Hannah opened her mouth to speak but found that she couldn’t make a sound. Instead she just attempted a vile glare at the ‘goblins’.

“Somebody get Madman or Thorny. She’ll be trouble.”

“Nah, she’s weak. Hardly a Magician.” But still the goblin who had spoken stood up and made his way towards the double doors on the other side of the room. It was guarded by a couple of the Wizards in the room but other than that, there was no locking mechanism like Mrs. S’ Accounting area.

Less than minutes later and the goblin-wizard was back with Adam, and Hannah was fed up of all the staring the goblin-wizards around her were doing.

“It’s nice to see you’re awake now, Han,” Adam said, a little too sweetly.

“No thanks to you…” Hannah found her voice at last, as though being around Adam gave her enough strength to fight again.

“Nice of you to drop in Wizard Madman. And believe me; you are mad for bringing her here.”

“Shut it! I know what I’m doing and I don’t need your advice, scum.” Adam said roughly to the ‘goblin’ who spoke.

“’Madman’. I suppose that’s a pun on Adam? Well your silly jokes don’t win me round anytime,” Hannah called up to Adam.

“Okay, whatever,” he replied and pulled her up by the wrist, “I’m taking you to Thorne and Scar for interrogation.”

“You won’t!” Hannah cried as, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that the Wizards guarding the double doors had both just exited. Adam’s grip on her wrist tightened as she struggled, “Just come with me, please,” he said.

“Bloody traitor!” Hannah yelled and grabbed the pike of the nearest goblin. She hit Adam round the head. As he cowered in pain, Hannah heard a knowing, “told you she’d be trouble,” from one of the goblin-like Wizards. Strangely not one of them was bothering to try and stop her, though hands did reach out as she ducked and swerved across the small room. As Hannah’s fingers curled round the door handle, she felt a soft hand on her arm.

“Hannah, it’s for your own good. You don’t understand.” Adam held a hand to his head; he was still in pain.

She kicked him, and opened the door.

The End

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