A Thorne In Their Side

A cold, crackling laugh broke out, bouncing off of the walls. Adams eyes were searching the room, fists clenched. Hannah’s hands began to sweat and she could sense something very bad was about to happen.


 Black smoke started to appear in front of them, making thick corkscrews above the ground. The laugh was one Hannah had heard during that day and she desperately wished that she wouldn’t hear it again. A form of a person began to materialise in front of Hannah and Adam’s eyes. Adam swallowed hard while Hannah was extremely close to hyperventilating. Hannah’s heart was in her mouth as she stared hopelessly into the smoke. “Adam, it’s him!” Hannah’s voice was ruff, like she hadn’t used it in years.


“I know.” Hannah was a bit confused. How can he be so calm about this? She wanted desperately to look at his face, but it was like the smoke had put her into some kind of trance. The laughter continued as the figure was becoming clearer and clearer. “Well. What should we do Adam?” The figure had now taken form but the black smoke was still there, clinging to the escaped prisoner in front of them.


“Yes Adam. What should we do?” Wizard Thorne looked at Adam then to Hannah, his smile widening as he saw her (showing off unnaturally white teeth, that hurt Hannah’s eyes when she looked directly at them). The laughter kept coming out of the black captives mouth, making Hannah’s skin crawl. Hannah was finally let out of her trace and looked up at Adam, waiting for an answer. He just stared ahead, looking straight at Thorne. Hannah’s head was spinning, she knew that she could kept standing there much longer, especially as her mind was on overdrive. Why won’t Adam do anything? C’mon Adam! C’mon!


Adam smiled, sending relief rushing through Hannah and slowly making Thorne's laughter die down. “I’ll tell you what we’re going to do Thorne.” Adam stepped closer to Thorne, making Hannah feel more protected and also more terrified for Adams sake. She might not of known him long but after that kiss, she knows that she does want to see him get hurt. Now Adam was right in front of Wizard Thorne, staring him in the face. Hannah’s breath was caught in her throat. “We are gonna get the hell out of here.” Hannah’s eyes bulged because Adam wasn’t talking about her and him but him and Thorne.


Both of the young men exchanged shining smiles while the hairs on the back of Hannah’s neck stood on end and cold sweat was running down her cheeks. What the hell was going on here? What’s Adam doing, helping a Black Wizard escape? “What are we going to do about her?” Thorne tilted his head towards Hannah. “She’s coming with us.” Hannah couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Hmmm. Good idea Adam. She is after all the gifted one.” Thorne was staring at Hannah, eyes deadly with amusement shining through. Adam turned to face Hannah, a perfect smile on his face. “C’mon Hannah. You’re coming with us.”


“Oh no I’m not! I’m not going anywhere with you and you can’t make me! (Thorne snorted from behind Adam, knowing very well that he can) I thought you said you cared about me!” Hannah’s eyes were filled with tears as Thorne started to laugh again. “I do care about you Hannah. Just come with us and we can be together, I swear.” The promise was hard to believe. ”No. You’re a Black Wizard and I’m not going!” Adam sighed, sorrow in his eyes. “Sorry Hannah but your opinion doesn’t count. You’re coming with us if you like it or not.” “Like hell I am! What you going to do tie me up and drag me away?” “No. But I am going to do this.”


Thorne had lost his patience and in his right hand more smoke appeared, taking the shape of a giant thorn. Hannah’s eyes grew bigger. He wouldn’t; would he? Thorne threw the giant thorn through the air, hitting Hannah in the side, sending her flying to the floor of Melna’s room. The pain was unlike anything she had ever felt before and it was spreading through her body rapidly, paralysing her. The guys were standing over her, Thorne had a thirsty smile on his face- eyes alive. Adam bent down and picked Hannah up. Her vision was going blurry but she could tell that the black smoke was back, encircling them all like a blanket. “I really do care about you Hannah. This is for the best, you’ll see.” As soon as Adam said that everything went back.

The End

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