Not A Drill

“Mrs. S? Rebecca?” Hannah called through the throng of Blue Witches. But they were nowhere to be seen and the siren was making Hannah dizzy again. Shoved against the rough walls, Hannah's head was knocked against a metal door and she collapsed onto the floor.


“Hey, are you okay?”

Hannah’s eyelids fluttered open at the sound of a familiar male voice. The siren was still ‘bleeping’ in the background, but it sounded like someone had put a dampener on it.

“Hmm?” She murmured whilst her vision returned to reveal the handsome figure of the wizard Adam, the same one who seemed to have taken an interest in Rebecca.

“I’m Adam. And you were…? Hannah?” He was waving his arm absent mindedly in the direction on the siren and, though ever so often it let out a loud sound, he was managing to soften the sound for her.

“What happened? Where is everybody?”

“They had to go and try to stop a fight.”

“Then why didn’t you go?”

“Oh, I had a few things to sort out…Come on, let’s get you up.”

Hannah received his extended hand, admiring how strong he was to pull her up like that, and considered what she needed to do next. She thought back to his misdemeanours in the Accounting room.

“Adam…It’s a weird question but, do you like Rebecca? I mean, the way you were, um…sort of eyeing her up…” Hannah trailed off. Adam seemed too nice a guy to try and make a move on The Alpha Female’s daughter. Luckily he didn’t take her question the wrong way.

“Nah, Becky’s just ‘eye-candy’. Anyway she has her view fixed firmly on Antonio, the gardener.”

Hannah laughed. “Why does an underground cavern even need a gardener?”

Adam grinned at her. “It’s the only magic thing he’s good at,” he replied. “Some Wizards are born that way: ‘half-spells’. It’s from an incorrect genetic mix or something…Most of them turn to the Black Wizards ‘cause they cater for a load of troubled souls and nobody really cares about skill or opinion much over at that place…”

Hannah frowned; she didn’t like Adam’s tone of voice.

“…Or so I’ve heard.” Adam corrected himself quickly, “Apparently at the Black Wizards’ place, all that matters is how hard you can punch, or how much destruction you can create!”

Hannah didn’t like what he was saying, but she liked the growing silence between them even less. Breaking it was a taboo, but Hannah knew she should be getting on with other things. Like getting home. It was too late for her mother not to be worrying about where she was.

“Um…Adam, where’s Mrs. S or Rebecca-”

“They’ll be out,” was the guy’s instantaneous reply.

“Oh, well, what do I do now? I mean, I wanted to go home, but everything’s so interesting here. Besides Mrs. S said that I couldn’t go home yet, ‘cause I have ‘The Gift’.”

“Well,” Smiled Adam, showing perfectly white neat teeth, and letting his eyes flick up and down her again, “There’ s something I want to show you.”


“Shh,” he said, putting a thin finger on her surprised lips. Adam stared into Hannah’s eyes and she saw the way his shone in the light…enticing her, almost. “Just follow me.”


They made their way carefully through the main room, getting some curious looks from the remaining Blue Witches, and by then, Hannah’s feet were getting tired from all the day’s walking.

“Adam,” she complained, like a young child, “How long is this going to take?!”

“Don’t worry,” Adam replied as the two of them entered the chamber that Hannah had first fallen into; Melna’s chamber, “We’re almost here.” Then he spun round so suddenly that Hannah could do nothing to prevent herself from tripping and falling straight into his awaiting arms.

“Hannah…” murmured Adam immediately, “The moment I saw you I liked you. I really do like you.” And, with that, he lifted up her head and pressed his soft, ruby lips onto hers.

“This is going way too fast…” Thought Hannah, but she was so content with the minty taste of his breath that she could not break his first contact.

Suddenly a ring of golden fire, tipped with points of raven black, sprang up around Melna’s chamber, making Adam and Hannah break their kiss, and blocking every one of their exits.

“Oh, crud,” Swore Adam, “The Thorny One got out. I knew she was a total idiot for locking him up in the first place.”

The End

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