Accounting and Adam

Hannah’s head spun by the time they reached accounting. There were so many passages, and they all looked so similar, how Mrs. S managed to navigate her way around was amazing.

They suddenly stopped at the end of a busy corridor, lined with doors on both sides every 10 metres, in front of a large wooden double door. A sign above it said ‘Magical Accounting Department’.

Hannah frowned, “There’s no door handle.”

“Who needs one?” Mrs. S said without turning around. She clicked once with her right hand, and a metallic panel appeared, with just enough space for a hand to be placed upon it. Mrs. S placed her right hand on it, and there was a buzzing sound as a blue light scanned her fingertips. Another second, and with a click, the double doors parted at their centre and open to reveal another large room (though not as huge as The Blue Witches’ Main Room) alive with chatter of men and women dressed in navy suits or deep blue skirts and shirts.

“Level 3 Clearance access granted,” an automatic voice grated out at them.

“Accounting. One of the most important rooms in our chasm, that’s why I had to ring ahead and why we have the complex locks. If any spies get hold of our secretarial files, the lives of The Blue Witches could be endangered. The spies could be anywhere or anyone…”

Hannah decided not to mention that if the spies were ‘anywhere or anyone’ then they might already have Level 3 Clearance.

Once again, Hannah felt too obvious in her clothes and made a mental note to ask for a change at the next possible opportunity. Looking round, she could see a couple of curious expressions and some people whispering to each other, but it was nice to see the familiar face of Rebecca, sitting on a desk chatting to a man with dark hair, and beady green eyes that kept flicking over Rebecca’s figure.

“Hannah…?” Mrs. S rolled her eyes when she saw that Hannah wasn’t following, “This is Jemima, Head of Accounting.”

Jemima looked up at Hannah, but hastily glanced back at her computer screen, with a troubled expression on her face.

“Hannah, huh. You’re new, right? We don’t have you on the database. Surname?”

“Saservine.” Hannah wondered what was so important about her surname.

“Saservine?” Jemima’s head snapped back to look, not at Hannah, but at The Alpha Female.

“Yes,” She said, “Well, we’ve got things to do, so we’ll talk later. Okay?

“Yes, Ma’am.” Jemima said sheepishly, and went back to gazing at the screen in front of her, and biting her lip. She seemed a shy woman, and Hannah wondered why Mrs. S was so forceful with her.

“Anyway next-”Mrs. S starts, “-Adam! What have I said?! Take your hands off my daughter!”  She was looking straight at the black-haired man with Rebecca…

“Hang on? Rebecca is The Alpha Female’s daughter? I thought she was an assistant…But that makes sense…” Said Hannah to herself.

Taking a deep breath, Hannah walked over Adam and Rebecca, and was about to question Mrs. S, when Adam grinned cheekily at her. He was a lot younger than he looked from a distance, and his jade eyes gleamed like the stones.

“Well, hello.” Adam said, giving Hannah the once over as he had to Rebecca.

“No, not her either!” The Alpha Female commanded, before practically pushing the two girls over to the other side of the room. Rebecca glanced at Hannah out of the corner of her eyes, and gave her a ‘whoops’ look.

“Now, moving on swiftly (I’ll speak with you later, again missy) we’ll show you-”


Suddenly an alarm sounded, and The Alpha Female changed, her expression becoming as worried as Jemima’s was earlier, she took charge, clapping her hands briskly.

“Okay everybody, you know the drill; Level 5 Witches and Wizards with me to the Main Room-and this time don’t forget your headsets-yes that does mean you, Emma- the rest of you, take over the empty desk spaces.”

Hannah felt her hand being gripped and pulled along with the throng.

“What’s happening? What’s going on?” She called to the lady who was pulling her along.

“A fight’s breaking out,” laughed the hysterical lady.

The End

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