A Black Captive

They walked along another tunnel, long and a little tedious, just like the others; its earthen walls packed hard. Unfortunately for Hannah, earth walls were not the most interesting thing for her to look at. So this lead to having to ‘chat’ with The Alpha Female. Thinking of topics to start a pleasant conversation, Hannah's mind kept flitting back to the dark-skinned Wizard who had caused the movement of the lady walking beside Hannah. All the time she seemed to know where they were going, which left Hannah herself even more mystified, and curious for information.

“So you have people of all ethicality here?”

“Oh, of course!” The Alpha Female gave an airy (and definitely fake) giggle, “The Chasm is in the centre of The Earth!”

“Another thing I don’t understand is that if we’re under the Earth then why did I see a garden outside your window? And, a dome above your office?”

“Hannah, Hannah, Hannah,” The Alpha Female said, quite patronizingly, “We’re Witches, remember; we make the rules here…and we also make the vegetation.”

“Of course, how stupid I was to ask!” Hannah said sarcastically to herself. At least now the two of them were properly talking, and Hannah could ask some of the questions that had entered her head…even if they were spur-of-the-moment type questions. A query that had been in Hannah’s head for a while, popped back to say hi. She started to brush it aside again like she had the many other times but now she felt they were acquainted enough for her to ask it.

“Um…Why don’t you like people addressing you? And what should I call you if I need you for something?” She asked as they rounded a corner.

“Hannah…” The Alpha Female stopped suddenly and turned full on to face the young girl, who felt more than a little intimidated by the visage looking down at her. “Hannah, when I look at you I see a bit of myself when I was younger: excited, interesting, eager, curious…” She trailed off and stared into space.

“You’re reminiscing,” Hannah said with a little bit of disgust in her voice, “And, that doesn’t answer my question.”

“I’m getting onto that!” Snapped the lady.

“And why do you always snap at people like that? It’s not kind!”

Hannah had no idea what made her say that. “Shoot!” She said to herself, biting her tongue. Then a strange sound made her look up.

The lady was laughing!

“Oh, Hannah Saservine, I knew you would be trouble, but I said to myself, ‘if that girl is like me I’ll just have to put up with it, won’t I?’ You can call me Mrs. S, but I don’t like to be addressed often-and don’t ask me what it means, ‘cause my name is a mystery. I’m sorry, but many famous Wizards/Witches are like that. I never knew Montgomery Feather’s real name; it’s just the way our life is. When you work in a community like this, you have to become someone different to who you are on the outside world…”

They walked in silence for a minute before a small metal door in the earthy wall seemed to be coming closer to them. Of course, they were coming closer to it, but the continued plainness of the walls made it seem like one big vertical conveyer belt.

“We’re here,” Mrs. S said plainly, her voice was wiped of emotion.

Hannah was shocked when she looked around at the small room. It was a jail cell-that much was obvious, but the thing that shocked Hannah the most was the décor: the walls were black, the tiles on the floor were black, and the grime in the room’s corners was black and murky. Even the manacles holding the prisoner to the wall were made of a dark, tarnished metal.

“Blue! All blue! I’m sick of blue, you filthy scum!” Spat the man who was chained up. His clothes and face were smeared with dirt and some sort of grease and his hair looked like it hadn’t been washed for weeks.

“Wash your mouth out, you vile cretin!” Mrs. S said with a grand authority, then aside to the guards, “You may leave, I have this handled.”

“Look, Hannah Saservine,” she turned to Hannah, “This is Wizard Thorne. –Appropriate name, don’t you think? - He is from The Black Wizards-”

“Aye. Recruiting young, are we, Viney?”

“None of your business! But since you asked, it’s in order to stop your stupid messes.”

“Your Psychic department been at it again? It’s all wizardsnot! Those blue buffoons couldn’t even predict the weather.”  He started laughing at his own joke, a horse coughing sound, like the rattling of bones.

“Don’t be so shuttered! You’ve seen it too, that’s why we had to-”

“-Had to capture me. Blah de blah de blah.” mocked Thorne.

“Well if we try to come to some arrangement…But you never seem willing to co-operate.”

“Co-operate. With scum like you? Never! Never!! NEVER!!!!” His voice rose in pitch and volume until the door was thrown open by a disgusted Mrs. S (from the inside) and her guards (from the outside). Hannah, shocked, followed The Alpha Female, who gave her an apologetic look teemed with twinges of passionate anger at the edges.

“I’m sorry you had to hear all that. But it’s what the Blue Witches have to put up with daily…”

She paused only to wave her right arm up and down once, which created a gleaming silver mobile from thin air, equipped with all the new gadgets, including a blue tooth head set, which Mrs. S started affixing to her head.

“I think we’ll head to Accounting next…”

The End

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